Need a Traditional Vending Alternative? Have a Look at Lavazza Coffee Towers

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Need a Traditional Vending Alternative? Have a Look at Lavazza Coffee Towers


                                    Bravilor Esprecious Bean To Cup Machine With A Lavazza Coffee Bean Branded Cabinet

Bean to Cup machine can be a great alternative to a traditional hot drinks vending machine, especially when paired with delicious Lavazza coffee and it can really look the professional part when displayed with your choice of Lavazza Coffee Tower

In the last several years bean to cup machines have started popping up everywhere due to their ability to make a cup of coffee that almost rivals being made by hand by a barista. People now expect their coffee to be of the very best possible quality and traditional coffee and tea vending machines can no longer really keep up.

There is, of course, a time and place for a traditional hot drinks vending machine but quite often its not the right look for your business and the higher quality and better variety you receive from a Lavazza bean to cup machine can be just the thing that impresses your customers, visitors and staff. We know how important it is to you that the look and branding be as sophisticated as possible.

Traditional hot drinks vending machines often use instant coffee and instant milk to make their drinks which leaves a bit to be desired in today’s coffeecentric world. They just can’t compete when we are all so used to barista style coffee.

With a Lavazza branded tower, you can incorporate any of the bean to cup machines from our range into an attractive setting which offers spacious storage and great marketing potential. You’ll wonder how you ever made do with just your office vending machine.

You can’t just choose any old beans if you want a delicious coffee cup. You want people to know that you have put thought into it which is why you probably chose Lavazza beans in the first place so having a Lavazza Coffee branded tower advertises that you have chosen only the very best.

Bean to cup coffee machines grind the beans fresh for every single cup of coffee to ensure the best cup possible. It’s not just the taste, the aroma of freshly ground Lavazza coffee beans wafting through your establishment will certainly move foot traffic towards the machine.

Being able to offer the best coffee means being able to offer the best options. The machines in our bean to cup machine range are capable of not only making a delicious americanos but can easily swing flat whites, mochas, hot chocolates as well as, of course, lattes and cappuccinos.

The Lavazza branded towers are great for anyone short on space. They are especially good for businesses with lots of customer traffic such as shops or showrooms.

We have given lots of customers a complete coffee shop experience in their establishments so can offer advice on machines from a place of experience. Bravilor has been a huge favourite with our Lavazza customers.

The Bravilor Esprecious and the Bravilor Esprecious Freshmilk are great choices for your office coffee machine with good looks, reliability and great cups of coffee. They are easily our best-selling bean to cup machine and look amazing on any of the Lavazza Coffee Towers.

When choosing a Lavazza branded coffee tower, you are promoting a well-established brand which makes selling super easy. Lavazza branding is recognizable and has already earned customer’s trust.

Lavazza also makes it easy by offering branded paper cups and other point of sale items such as signage and loyalty cards. Just speak to any of our sales team to find out how we can help you with this.

As well as Office Barista’s machine range we offer our own branded paper cups and all the other necessary ancillaries such as sugar and milk pots. Ordering and reordering stock is made incredibly easy with different ordering options including online.  

Charging for drinks couldn’t be simpler with our Lavazza pay pod options. Using the best bean to cup coffee means that you can charge a premium as your customers will be happy to pay more for quality.

Office Barista machines and Lavazza coffee could be the reason your customers start to make your shop a must place visit every morning before they go to work, or the school run or the reason a customer lingers a little longer to look over your wares. After all who wouldn't take a quick detour for the right cup of coffee?

Let us help you choose the machine and tower that’s best for your business. Contact us now!

 *We are authorised Keurig UK distributors