Are Nespresso Coffee Machines for Business Good Value?

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Are Nespresso Coffee Machines for Business Good Value?

I am often asked how our range compares with the equivalent office coffee machines offered by Nespresso Business Solutions. I have posted a fuller comparison of quality, choice and value here, but at the end of the day, all of our buyers are up against the bottom line - so in this post we'll go straight to value - and review how our Flavia coffee machines and Keurig coffee machines could save you 50% compared to Nespresso.

As with the hot drinks machines we sell, Nespresso Aguila, Zenius and Gemini CS Pro machines are available under a variety of purchase models, but whether you buy the machine outright, lease, rent, or 'pay only for drinks' there is of course a cost per drink built into the pricing model.

Whilst the headline price for a Nespresso pod is competitive, once you take into account the smaller amount of coffee in the pod, and the fact that the largest drink is only 110ml, it quickly gets expensive.

Drink Size (Max) Grams of Coffee
Keurig K Cup 360ml 13.4g
Flavia Sachet 266ml 7g
Nespresso Pod 110ml 6g


  • The reality is that hardly anybody considers 110ml ‘a drink’.
  • The smallest drink sold in a high street cafe is usually 240ml, with a ‘regular’ coming in at 360ml.
  • If you put a Nespresso machine in your office, your staff will probably use at least 2 pods each time.
  • 2 Nespresso pods is still only 220ml.
  • This compares very badly to a 360ml mug of Keurig 266ml of Flavia coffee, where in each case you have only paid for one pod or sachet.
  • To get close to the Keurig serving, and fill up their favourite mug, staff may even use 3 Nespresso pods - so the cost can really add up!

If you take into account the prices that Nespresso charge for ancilliaries such as disposable paper coffee cups, milk, sugar and stirrers, the price differential is likely to be even greater.

Verdict: Nespresso is likely to cost you roughly twice the price of Keurig or Flavia drinks

If you prefer to pay a more competitive price for your office hot drinks, and offer your staff and guests a wider choice of coffees, teas and hot chocolate from Brands such as Twinings and Segafredo, please do get in touch to discuss the best alternatives to Nespresso and traditional coffee vending machines. Remember, we offer a *price match promise on Keurig coffee pod machines and Flavia coffee and tea machine, so you can be sure of the best deal from Office Barista.

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Liam Murray
Business Development Manager
Office Barista

*Price Match Guarantee does not apply to prices found on EBAY

**Price Match Guarantee only applies at time of purchase and we are unable to price match after purchase.

* We are an authorised Keurig Ireland distributor