Too busy to make tea? Get an office tea machine

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Too busy to make tea? Get an office tea machine

There's always time for tea! At Office Barista we specialise in a number of office tea and coffee machines

The Mail Online reported that 2.5 million UK workers were too busy to make tea at work.* Apparently, staff wait until others aren't around, or deliberately make rubbish drinks. This makes us wonder what the world is coming to - enjoying a great cuppa together is just what your team need to stay refreshed and focussed at work.

But we can understand that in today’s fast-paced world, staff don’t have time to find clean mugs or wash dirty ones, wait for the kettle to boil, find the peppermint tea bags as well as the ‘normal’ ones…..

A bean to cup coffee machine is obviously not going to cut the mustard for the tea drinkers in your office.  Even with a hot water spout, you’ll be standing around waiting for your tea to brew, wondering if it is too strong or too weak, and getting in trouble with Sally for leaving your used tea-bag on the edge of the sink.

A professional hot drinks machine from Flavia is the perfect way to serve freshly brewed tea - and coffee cups! - in your office - with each cup served in less than 40 seconds.

Flavia Tea Machines
Flavia Creation 600 Office Coffee Machine

Flavia is the clear market leader for office tea machines. All of Flavia’s machines offer a range of 9 different Bright Tea Company teas. There are 3 different breakfast teas - including a strong and a decaf -  as well as Earl Grey, Lemon, Raspberry, Peppermint and Green Teas. Flavia hasn’t forgotten the coffee drinkers either, offering a similarly broad range of coffees with a range of origins and roasts, and latte, cappuccino, decaf and flavoured options. Read more about how the Flavia machines brew a perfect cuppa, or check out the Flavia C600.

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** Don't forget to order your paper cups & lids at checkout!