What You Need to Know About Bean to Cup Machines

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What You Need to Know About Bean to Cup Machines

In an ideal world every office would have its own in-house barista to cater to all our caffeinated whims. This is, of course, unattainable for most businesses but a bean to cup machine is absolutely an option and a great one at that if you want a superior coffee cup but there are things that need to be considered before you purchase.

Cup of coffee made from one of our bean to cup coffee machines

How Much It Will Cost To Purchase

Treating your staff and customers to speciality coffee doesn’t come cheap due to the technology and quality of the machinery involved. We feel that the exceptional coffee created by bean to cup coffee machines makes it a luxury worth pursuing.

The least expensive bean to cup machines come in at just under £2000. Office Barista can help ease the burden of the upfront cost with our coffee machine hire, rental and leasing options. 

 Prepare for Ongoing Cost

The after cost for a bean to cup machine can also be significant. They are complicated pieces of coffee equipment, so you should expect them to have mechanical issues much more often.

Office Barista boasts extremely experienced engineers who are pros at fixing any complications that may arise. You can always expect a high standard of service and quick response times.

 Extra Care & Maintenance

Compared to a single serve system, a bean to cup machine requires a lot more day to day care and attention. Often, they use fresh milk, which is ideal for ensuring the perfect latte or cappuccino but can also become unsanitary if left so strictly adhering to its cleaning schedule will keep high hygiene standards and reduce the need for engineer visits.

 Are you short on space?

Bean to cup machines can really be big space hogs. Most machines will require a generous amount of counter real estate. 

The Bravilor Sego machine really nips this issue in the bud by being quite compact while still giving a quality cup of coffee.

Another great option to counteract this is by using a branded coffee machine and tower instead. The Bravilor Esprecious Go and the Lavazza Coffee branded towers are both enormously popular options with our customers.

Not worried about space? Find out why our customers love the Krea Touch!

Tea Drinkers Beware

If you have an office that is tea drinker heavy, we strongly urge you to maybe consider one of the single serve systems which also do tea and hot chocolate instead. Bean to cup machines usually only offer a hot water spout and the single serve systems such as Flavia offer a massive range of choice for tea drinkers including herbal & infusion teas.

Here at Office Barista we believe that our years of office coffee experience makes us best placed to help you choose the right office coffee machine for your business so contact us now!

** Don't forget to get your disposable cups at checkout!