Make better coffee work for your business

Here at Office Barista, we believe that better coffee makes good business sense, and we also understand that you have many other demands on your time and resources.

Your staff and visitors are used to enjoying barista-quality drinks in cafes or restaurants, where sophisticated coffee machines are operated (and kept clean!) by full-time, specialist staff. We can help you to balance the practical constraints of a busy workplace with providing an impressive hot drinks menu that will improve productivity and loyalty.

Browse our blogs below for help in understanding your options in terms of equipment, product menus, and service models, or get in touch to discuss your specific requirements with one of our friendly experts.

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Why Our Customers Love The Krea Touch Bean To Cup Machine

The Krea Touch bean to cup coffee machine from Necta has had customers charmed with its elegant & sleek design but completely wins them over with its impressive brewing capability! If you are...

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How To Restart An Idle Flavia Coffee Machine

Many of our customers will have had Flavia Coffee Machines that have been idle for quite some time and we strongly recommend that you carry out the following procedure to ensure your favourite Flavia brew is safe...

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How to Make The Flavia Coffee Machine Profitable

Have you thought about charging for use of your hot drinks machine? A Flavia  coffee machine can make a tidy sum for your business especially when its is well displayed on a base...

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