Are Bean to Cup Machines A Greener Option?

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Are Bean to Cup Machines A Greener Option?

Corporate responsibility initiatives centred around recycling and sustainability are very popular right now and it couldn't be more welcome. We think bean to cup coffee machines help cut unnecessary waste, promote a sustainable future & can help your business reach its ethical standards goals. 

Rainforest Allaince/ UTZ Certified Coffee farm


Reduce Waste

We all hate looking at all the recent images of garbage in our oceans and overflowing landfills. Bean to cup machines produce very little waste. 

Coffee grounds are able to be composted as they are completely biodegradable. There are no pods or sachets to throw away. 

Quality is something Office Barista takes very seriously.  We are very proud to offer the very best range of bean to cup machines to our customers from respected brands such as Bravilor Bonamat.

Market Your Green Credentials

Its important to let everyone know you are doing your part. Bravilor Esprecious machines can enhance your ability to market your green credentials with their branded bean to cup machines. It makes for a great retail coffee machine in this respect because it allows you to let your customers know that the environment is of critical concern to you.

You also might enjoy having a look at the Krea Touch bean to cup coffee machine which has become a firm customer favourite. 

Talk about all of your green accomplishments while visitors wait for their coffee. Both the Bravilor and have the ability to show videos loaded via USBs.  

Worried about costs? We can help make sure you get the right coffee machine for your business with great lease & hire options.

We can help you choose the best bean to cup coffee machine for your UK business so contact us now!


Coffetek Vitro Coffee machine which is available for lease & rental


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