A Marketing Win! How Branded Coffee Towers Can Elevate Your Brand

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A Marketing Win! How Branded Coffee Towers Can Elevate Your Brand

Office Barista knows the secret to making your drinks station work for you and to achieve your marketing goals! We have tons of experience with helping businesses highlight their brands and we think a branded coffee tower could be your marketing ace in the hole.

Using a branded tower for your business coffee machine really elevates a humble drinks station into an irresistible coffee stop. Choose to promote the coffee beans you are serving or use your own logo for maximum brand exposure.

Keep Things Tidy

You don’t want a big mess around your machine, so these towers are great for keeping things tidy with ample storage underneath for your paper coffee cups, ancillaries & surplus coffee beans. Plenty of space up top ensures that there will be plenty of room for whichever piece of coffee equipment you choose and keep things sturdy.

Build Your Brand

The Bravilor Esprecious Go is a brand building workhorse. A delicious cup of coffee is accompanied by an impressive range of features including extremely generous sized branding panels that can be rebranded as often as you like so the tower can grow with your business, fetching LED lighting, a stylish menu board and a robust design which included materials that don’t mark easily.

This tower is specifically designed to be used with the Esprecious bean to cup coffee machine from Bravilor Bonamat. Choose from instant or fresh milk options!

Goes Anywhere

Limited on space? You are also able to choose a jug filled option which gives you the flexibility to put the Bravilor Esprecious Go touchscreen coffee machine anywhere!

The tower has a beautiful surround and a tasteful menu board. There is also a choice of a coin operated or a cashless payment system.

All The Technical Bells & Whistles

Inside the machine the Bravilor Esprecious Go enables you to customise the drinks icons and background as well as upload custom screensavers and even videos with sound to help you communicate better with your staff and customers. During the short wait for their drink you can command their full attention and convey your message fully. 


Bravilor Esprecious Go Coffee Tower bean to cup


Lavazza Sells

If you choose to go with another bean to cup coffee machine, then we highly recommend a Lavazza branded coffee tower. The Lavazza branded tower has plenty of storage space and is a great way to advertise that you are serving Italy’s favourite coffee beans.

We are super big fans of Lavazza Coffee. You just can’t go wrong with it in your bean to cup coffee machine with its heavenly aroma and delicious taste…... it’s a hit every time. Choose from customer favourite Lavazza Super Crema or Rainforest Certified Tierra beans. All are crowd pleasers and the extremely high quality that you expect from Lavazza.

We also offer Lavazza branded cups that perfectly pair with the tower and ensure that advertising for your bean to cup machine is taken out the door in the hands of your customers. It’s a marketing win!


Lavazza Hot Drinks Machine Tower with Esprecious


There are many options out there when considering what sort of hot drinks station, you require for your UK business but if boosting your brand is your goal then one of our towers could be the perfect solution and we can help you choose the best coffee machine for your business & help with lease & hire options so contact us now!

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