Flavia Drinks

Browse our range of Flavia drinks and choose from Lavazza Coffee, black and herbal teas from the Bright Tea Company, and Cadbury's hot chocolate. Don't forget your Flavia Indulgence sachets including Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha & Flat White. Take advantage of free delivery of your Flavia Freshpack drinks for all orders over €120.

Lavazza Flat White For Flavia Coffee Pod Machines

Flavia Flat White Coffee


100 PACK

Lavazza Cappuccino For Flavia Coffee Pod Machines

Flavia Cappuccino Coffee


100 PACK

Lavazza Latte For Flavia Coffee Pod Machines

Flavia Latte Coffee


100 PACK

Lavazza Mocha Coffee For Flavia Creation 600 Coffee Pod Macines

Flavia Mocha Coffee


100 PACK

Lavazza Qualita Rossa Coffee For Flavia Creation 600 Coffee Pod Machines

Flavia Lavazza Qualita Rossa Coffee


100 PACK

Lavazza Espresso Italiano Coffee for Flavia Coffee Pod Machines

Flavia Lavazza Espresso Italiano Coffee


100 PACK

Lavazza Qualita Oro For Flavia Creation 600 Coffee Pod Machines

Flavia Lavazza Qualita Oro Coffee


100 PACK

Lavazza Crema E Gusto For Flavia Coffee Pod Machines

Flavia Lavazza Crema E Gusto Coffee


100 PACK

Lavazza Decaffeinato For Flavia Coffee pod Machines

Flavia Lavazza Cafe Decaffeinato


100 PACK

Cadbury Hot Chocolate For Flavia Coffee Pod Machine

Flavia Cadbury Hot Chocolate



Twinings Tea For Flavia Creation 600 Coffee Pod Machines

Flavia Twinings English Breakfast Tea



Bright Lemon Herbal Tea For Flavia Coffee Pod Machines

Flavia Bright Lemon Herbal Tea


140 PACK

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    Flavia offers a variety of drinks, and here at Office Barista, we offer the full range of Flavia freshpacks. Thanks to the freshpack technology, Flavia drinks sachets stay fresh for quite some time, allowing you to provide a great range of Flavia drinks without worrying that some of the more 'fringe' choices will go off. However the whole range is a lot to keep in stock at your office all the time. To help you select the perfect Flavia drinks range for your office, we’ve created a shortlist of 7 drinks that will cover most bases, including Lavazza coffees and Lemon Herbal Tea, Cadburys Hot Chocolate, and Real Milk Froth.

  • Italy's Favourite At The Touch Of A Button

    Lavazza Professional has brought the taste & aroma of Italy's best loved coffee to their Flavia Coffee Machines. Enjoy Qualita Rossa widely enjoyed by Italians in their day to day, Espresso Italiano for a deliciously bold cup & Qualita Oro & Crema E Gusto which have been perfectly blended for delightful cups of coffee. Make sure you have some Cafe Decaffinato on hand for late in the afternoon when you want great taste while avoiding the caffiene hit!


    A two pack solution no more! The Flavia Indulgence Range provides you with all of your barista favourites in a single sachet. The sachets deliver gorgeous foam and the impressive taste that you have come to expect from Lavazza Professional. Choose from Flat Whites, Lattes, Cappuccinos and Mochas. if you are Flavia traditionalist and love the Real Milk Froth never fear. Its still available.


    Flavia's range of teas is one of the key strengths of the Flavia drinks range. Up to 40% of team members in any office are likely to prefer tea, and many coffee-drinkers will also enjoy a cup of tea at some point in the day, and yet its an option that is often over-looked when selecting an office hot drinks solution.

    Offer the tea-drinkers in your office an impressive choice of Flavia teas including a variety of good old breakfast teas such as Flavia Breakfast Tea or Decaf Breakfast Tea For something a little different you can choose Earl Grey, or Green Tea with or without Jasmine, and for a truly refreshing afternoon pick-me-up, you can't go wrong with a Lemon or Peppermint tea.