More Than Coffee! Finding The Right Office Coffee Supplies

Posted by Paula Poots on

More Than Coffee! Finding The Right Office Coffee Supplies

So you have fallen head over heels for a great hot drinks machine and filled your cabinets with your favourite teas and coffees but you aren't ready to go just yet. You will need all the ancillaries and accessories that are the finishing touches to great coffee.

Lavazza Coffee branded Cup Office Coffee Supplies

Paper Cups & Lids

Having paper cups and lids on hand can be a great way to help keep your workplace kitchen tidy and can help reduce the spread of germs in cold and flu season. It also means you can always grab a hot drinks to go.

We have 8oz Office Barista branded paper cups which are the perfect size for the Flavia Creation 600 machine or choose 12oz Lavazza branded cups to advertise you great taste in coffee beans.

We have lids to fit both for those takeaways as well as cardboard sleeves to help walking around with cup in hand a little more comfortable. 


Milk is the most popular thing to put in coffee so your workplace hot drinks station can't function without it. We have boxes UHT milk pots Lakeland Dairies have more than 100 years of tradition & excellence using fresh milk produced from green pastures on 2,200 family owned farms to produce the highest quality dairy food products. 

If you have a bean to cup coffee machine then we have delicious Regilait powdered milk. Regilait froths beautifully and tastes fresh for a consitently satisying barista style coffee every time. 


Looking to make life a little sweeter? We offer both white and brown individual sugar sticks or if you have a coffee vending machine we have bags of Fairtrade certified Tate & Lyle vending sugar.  


Water is the foundation of any hot drink and so if you start with manky water then expect a yucky cup. Our range of filters includes inline IEN filters for plumbed in hot drinks machines and if you have a jug fill tea and coffee machine then we have drop in filters from Brita as well as the option of a Brita filter jug. 

Cleaners & Descalers

A hot drinks machine is a great investment and good maintenace is essential to get the best out of it. We have excellent descale solutions as well as cleaners for those bean to cup coffee machine milk tubes. 


Having the right storage can make or break your drink station and we have exceelnt choices from drawer merchandisers to big cabinets. Talk to us about your storage needs so we can find the right fit for your hot drinks machine.

Do you have any questions about any of our office coffee supplies? Get in touch!