Better Coffee Works But What Makes Coffee Better?

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Better Coffee Works But What Makes Coffee Better?

With so many workplace hot drinks machine options out there selecting the right tea and coffee machine is now more complicated but also likely to be more rewarding. We know that better coffee works but what makes one coffee better than another?


Choosing The Right Ingredients 

Great coffee only needs two and water. As with everything else you enjoy consuming the better the ingredients the better the outcome. 

You will not get better coffee with water that isn't fresh and filtered. You wouldnt drink water that has been sitting around all day so don't make your coffee with it. Having a coffee machine that has both a filter and is plumbed into the water mains is the best way to ensure water quality. 

The most important ingredient is of course the coffee beans themselves. There are two types of coffee Arabica and Robusta. Robusta beans are usually quite bitter on their own and are used in blends and instant coffees. Arabica beans are considered higher quality because they create a smoother taste and are usually chosen for a beautifully balanced cup. 

At Office Barista we make no secret that we a massive fans of Lavazza Coffee. We frequently test coffee brands to make sure we are offering the best but no other bean has won a place in our hearts. 

We feel Lavazza beans consistantly have supierior taste and aroma and it isn't suprising when you consider that Lavazza has been creating delicious coffee blends since 1895. We wouldnt put anything else in our bean to cup coffee machines.

Your coffee will always taste next level if the coffee has been freshly ground. Its one of the reasons bean to cup coffee machines have become so popular. They grind the beans fresh for each individual cup so you never have to taste a stale coffee.

Lavazza Coffee Beans For Bean To Cup Coffee Machines Office Coffee Supplies

The Brewing Process  

We all know what bad coffee tastes like. Bitter, scorched or so bitter and strong that its hard to swallow or so weak and watery that you can't possibly be satisfied. 

The first part of the brewing process is all about the grind. Having coffee that is finely ground means more of the coffee has contact with water as it spreads out more evenly. The larger the grind the less water contact. You really want a happy medium here. Too fine and you can get a cup that is too strong and too large and you get the watery coffee. 

Bean to cup coffee machines are calibrated to deliver trhe perfect grind so every thing brews up just how you like it. It not only grinds it perfectly but gives the correct amount ( the gram throw). The machines can usually be calibrated to your taste if you prefer you coffee bold or less intense. 

The time and temperature also impact on coffee quality. If the water is too hot your coffee will be scorched, bitter and generally unpleasant to drink and the time the coffee has in the water will determine the strength of your brew.

Bean to cup coffee machines have been engineered to brew at the correct time and temperature so you get a consistantly tasty brew. Our bean to cup coffee machine range contains machines from reknowned brands such as Bravilor Bonamat, Coffetek & Evoca. 

Bravilor Bean To Cup Coffee Machine Office Coffee Supplies

Choosing The Right Machine

Every workplace has their own unique requirements. Some are large busineeses with a diverse workforce that need to provide quality coffee but also need to please the tea drinkers. Some are trendy SMEs that need to impress with luxury coffee. Maybe its a company that has very little space. The one thing they all have in common is wanting a pleasurable hot drink that comes from a machine that is relaible, easy to maintain and looks the part.

 The Flavia C600

The Flavia Creation 600 from Lavazza Professional is a customer favourite. This machine is excellent for a workplace that has a crowd of individuals where everyone wants a completely different coffee or other hot drinks. 

It is a single serve system so the Flavia Sachets have the coffee pre packed in Freshpacks that are full of Lavazza Coffee. The Freshpack technology ensures that each cup tastes fresh. The Flavia C600 is great for places that want a low maintence option because the sachets fall into an internal bin so there is no mess and having the coffee pre packed means that you arent having to worry about rushing to finish the coffee before it goes stale. 

It's variety is second to none four different Lavazza coffees at varying strengths in addition to sachets for cappuccinios, lattes, mochas and flat whites. You can also use the coffee sachets to make your barista favourites with fresh milk with Lavazza Professional's clever in cup frothing technology. It even froths dairy alternatives and because the frothing is done in cup there is no taint which will keep emploiyees who are vegan or have allergies happy. 

It is also the choice if you have a lot of tea or hot chocolate drinkers as there are seven different black, green and herbal teas as well as Cadbury Hot Chocolate. Who says you can't make everyone happy all the time. 

Froths Any Milk, Including Non-Dairy

Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

If you are looking for the best possible quality coffee though a bean to cup coffee machine is probably what you are after. They all grind the beans fresh indivdually but they vary when it comes to size and milk frothing capability. Some froth only powdered milk which tastes great and has longer shelf life but if you want the full coffee shop experinece there are machines that froth fresh milk.

Bean to cup machines do require maintenace such as milk tube cleaning but the machines helpfully take you through the process and our helpful engineers demonstate the process upon installation.   

Bean to cup machines also are more expensive but this is reflected in the quality of the coffee and here at Office Barista we have hassle free rental, leasing and operated options to help make them more afforadable. 

If you are still unsure how to make better coffee work for your business just get in touch! We can help talk you through your options so you can get exactly the right hot drinks machine for your business.