Choose The Best Flavia Drinks For Your Office

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Choose The Best Flavia Drinks For Your Office

Revealed! Our top 7 Flavia drinks....which haven't your tried yet?

Here at Office Barista, we offer the full range of Flavia freshpacks. Thanks to the freshpack technology, Flavia drinks sachets stay fresh for quite some time, allowing you to provide a good range of Flavia drinks without worrying that some of the lesser chosen drinks will go off.

The whole range can be a lot to keep in stock at your office all of the time so to help you select the perfect Flavia drinks range for your office, we've come up with our favourtites! 

Our recommended Flavia drinks for your office:

To soothe & calm:

Cadbury's Hot Chocolate

Sometimes throughout the working day you need to take 5 and de-stress and you cant go wrong with an indulgent hot chocolate! This Cadbury's Hot chocolate for Flavia is the perfect treat for your staff!


For impressing clients:

Flavia Flat White

A stronger, bolder coffee made with a blend of instant coffee, micro ground coffee beans and skimmed milk powder for a strong flat white.

Flavia Cappuccino

A strong mix of Prontissimo Espresso instant coffee, microground coffee beans and skimmed milk powder perfectly blended to create a delightful, frothy cappuccino.


For pleasing everyone:

Lavazza Qualita Rossa

Looking for a coffee thats not too weak or strong? The Qualita Rossa is just right. A pleasure to drink this coffee is what Italian families keep close by for their coffee breaks. It has an unmistakable aroma that will happily recharge your batteries.

For the health conscious:

Bright Green Tea

A winner for those who like to keep on the straight and narrow! The blend of 100% green tea leaves is light-bodied and revitalising not to mention tastes great!

For the bold:

Lavazza Espresso Italiano

A selection of blends, from mild to bold,so you can enjoy your coffee as Italians do. Espresso Italiano is sweet and delicate, with notes of fruits and a persistent aftertaste.

To get advice about the new Flavia Creation 600 coffee and tea machine click here or if you already have a Flavia hot drinks machine and would like some new drink inspiration click here.


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Flavia C600 hot drinks vending machine which has a fresh milk frother

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