How To Use The Flavia Machine With Larger Coffee Cups

Posted by Paula Poots on

How To Use The Flavia Machine With Larger Coffee Cups

Office Barista, like so many other suppliers at the moment, are low on our stock of paper coffee cups and have a few solutions if you need to use a larger cup for the Flavia coffee and tea machine

Solution #1 is for if you prefer to use a mug/cup in your Flavia business coffee machine:

  • Remove drip tray
  • Place mug/cup under machine as shown in this video below
  • Place finger over cup sensor located on the right side of the machine
  • Select drink

 Coffee from Flavia Coffee & Tea Machine

Solution #2 is if you would like to use the flat drip tray that came with the Flavia coffee vending machine. The video instruction can be found here 

  • Remove Drip Tray from coffee equipment 
  • Free the top compartment from the tray unit after setting the bottom half to the side
  • Flip the top half upside down and remove the black tray using the clips
  • Remove the silver cup rest from the black tray
  • Build the drip tray back up as a complete unit
  • Place back into machine groove, select drink and enjoy your favorite Lavazza coffee & tea!


We hope to have our selection of small paper cups back to full stock soon. We are here to help so if you have any questions about these processes please just contact us!

* Please note we still have large disposable coffee cups in stock!