Office Coffee Machines - Key Success Factors

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Office Coffee Machines - Key Success Factors

We love to see a workplace full of happy coffee and tea drinkers. If you are considering your office hot drinks provision here are some hallmarks of a successful solution...

Menu Choice - Maybe an obvious one to start, but a fundamental. The broader your menu selection, the more happy users you will have. Remember to pay equal attention to non-coffee drinks. As many as 40% of your users will drink black, green, herbal or infusion teas given the choice, and up to 10% are likely to prefer chocolate. 

Quality - We would say this, wouldn't we?! Drinks quality is key to providing a service that your users will really value. It is a false economy to try and drive coffee cup prices as low as possible, as users will become disillusioned. Ask yourself why you want to provide hot drinks, and ensure that the quality is appropriate to support your business objectives. We offer a great range of high-quality hot drinks for 10-20% of the cost of their high-street equivalents and we see the value that our users place on quality.

Responsibility - The best office coffee machines always have somebody in charge. Defining who responsible for each aspect of cleaning and restocking your coffee and tea machine ensures that the coffee area is always looking its best for your users.

Cost - Costs are a key consideration in any business. Cost is our last success factor because we always encourage our customers to think of costs on an ongoing basis. We want your annual costs to be something you are comfortable with. We also want to help you avoid any unexpected costs - this is why we always recommend our inclusive warranties. We also offer easy coffee machine hire and leasing options.

For advice and recommendations on the best coffee machine for your office contact Office Barista .

If you already have an idea of what you are looking for, you may want to take a closer look at our Flavia coffee machines or our Lavazza Coffee, Krea Touch Bean To Cup Machine & Bravilor bean to cup coffee machine ranges.

Cup of coffee made from one of our bean to cup coffee machines


** Ask how you can lease or hire coffee machines hassle free!