Small Sensation, The Coffetek Vitro Bean To Cup Machine

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Small Sensation, The Coffetek Vitro Bean To Cup Machine

Its hard to resist the allure of a great cup of coffee and today's bean to cup coffee machines really deliver but their size makes it prohibitive for many environments. The Coffetek Vitro hot drinks machine makes space an issue of the past. 

Coffetek Vitro Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

The Vitro S1's compact size means that it fits nicely in any environment including small offices, hotels, corner shops, cafes etc. We have even seen them doing extremely well in ice cream trucks. They are that accommodating.  

This bean to cup coffee machine has been designed with the highest quality materials and components to ensure that it is able to provide the highest quality espresso drinks possible. The impressive attention to detail is easy to observe in every aspect of this machine.

Size won't mean much if the coffee is not on point but the Vitro hot drinks machine absolutely does not disappoint. It consistently makes delicious coffees using powdered milk for impressive froth and has eight available selections at any given time for a great variety of choice.  

Bean to cup coffee machines can often be a hassle to maintain but the Vitro has made it as easy as possible with features such as the ability to have the waste tray removed from the front so you won't have to open the machine. The coffee waste drawer has a 60 coffee capacity so users won't have to constantly feel like they are dispensing coffee grounds and the tray is easy to remove and dishwasher safe.  

The 4 litre water tank's ergonomic design means that it can be removed and replaced with very little effort and the water mains kit means extremely convenient back to back brewing is possible. the liquids tray has a 1.2 litre capacity and has a wave breaker to avoid unwanted splashes and spills during transport or cleaning. 

To ensure the hot drinks machine is adaptable to a wide variety of locations it comes with a great collection of accessories including a narrow base cabinet, a cup holder module, a pay pod/validator and a RFID reader kit. These will not only allow for a neat and tidy space but also allow companies to treat their employees to delicious coffees and all of the benefits that brings. 

Worried about costs? We offer great lease, hire or operated options for coffee machines!

We love talking about our hot drinks machines so if you have any further questions about the Vitro or any other of our bean to cup coffee machines then please do not hesitate to get in touch!

 Coffetek Vitro Bean To Cup coffee Machine on a base cabinet


*Dont forget to get your paper cups and lids at checkout!