The Coffetek Vitro M5 with MIA Technology

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The Coffetek Vitro M5 with MIA Technology

If a bean to cup coffee machine cant give you the good foam then you will never feel like you are getting the barista experience. The Vitro M5 makes the most of Coffetek's MIA (Micro Injected Air) technology to give you a deliciously dense foam that gives the impression it was lovingly prepared by hand among its many other talents.

Coffetek Vitro M5 Bean To Cup Coffee Machine In A Cafe Environment



The Vitro M5 has been developed with the help of leading engineers specialised in the preparation of fresh milk. High pressure air is injected into the milk to create millions of bubbles coated with casein, the most important protein component of fresh milk, creating a velvety and uniform texture. 

The innovative patented micro-injection of air (MIA) technology makes it possible to prepare a perfect, silky and consistent foam that maximises the quality of the drink. The foam is a thing of beauty. 

When milk proteins are exposed to high temperatures for an uncontrolled period of time, they are denatured, resulting in unwanted flavours and odours. With MIA control of the temperature is absolute. 

The latest generation of MIA technology allows the density and consistency of the foam to be programmed, as well as the hot or cold temperature, thus adjusting it to the tastes in different locations without changing the properties of the milk. The efficient milk system uses the precise amount of milk required to create the perfect foam, reducing business costs. 


In addition to its foaming magic The Menu & capacity are undeniable impressive. The Vitro M5 is a robust coffee machine that is capable of delivering 250+ drinks per day if required. 

You will be able to offer a full selection of espressos and fresh milk drinks from velvety cappuccinos to latte macchiatos with a deliciously thick layer of foam to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding consumers. 

Vitro M5 ensures your recipe will be made with precision cup after cup. It is very easy to reprogram and and you can adapt any recipe to suit the tastes of your customers.

You can select the order in which each ingredient is poured into the cup, specify whether you want the milk to be liquid or foamed and hot or cold, and the amount of foam you want for each option.

You cant have a great barista coffee without top quality espresso. The Vitro M5 bean to cup coffee machine is fitted with the patented AZK V30 espresso brewer.

The AZK V30 coffee unit is able to adjust each recipe to your customer's preference with the possibility of setting a weight of between 7 and 14 grams of coffee. the adjustable espresso system offers the option of dispensing various sizes of coffee in the same machine with the absolute certainty of serving the optimum amount and quality of coffee in each serving.


One of the biggest challenges with bean to cup coffee machines is the constant cleaning and maintenance but the M5 makes it super easy. The Vitro M5  incorporates a fast, safe and extremely user friendly automatic process that ensures perfect cleaning of the fresh milk system.

After each service and five minutes after the last one, the Vitro M5 automatically releases water under pressure through all the pipes to remove any traces of milk that may have been deposited inside. A manual cleaning process with a cleaning product is scheduled every 24-48 hours and is carried out in a safe and very simple way. The cycle lasts 10 minutes and it takes just 1 minute to activate the process.


In addition, for the safety of your customers, The Vitro will warn you that you should clean the milk tank if the machine has been off for more than six hours. Hygiene made easy.

Speaking of hygiene.... the post Covid environment will require as little touching as possible. With up to 20 specialty coffee options available, you can make your selection using touch or our new patented distance selection technology so no one has to touch the machine to make their choice.

Often with bean to cup coffee machines there can be hassle over insurance requirements and safety regulations relating to the boilers. The Vitro M5 has no requirements for PSSR inspections.

The machine offers greater safety and efficiency with no risk of escaping steam and the milk is only heated when it is in service, unlike a steam boiler which needs constant heating. Also no steam boiler means there is no need to descale.

We love talking about our bean to cup coffee machines so why not contact us to find out more!

Coffetek Vitro M5 Bean To Cup Coffee Machine for Lavazza Coffee


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