Getting the Best from your Bean to Cup Machine

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Getting the Best from your Bean to Cup Machine

Bean to Cup coffee is one of life's great pleasures. UK Coffee Shop Coffee sets the bar high - so what can you do to meet these expectations?

Be a Bean Counter - OK, you don't need to count every bean. But it is absolutely vital to manage your beans carefully. Why is this? Fresh coffee beans react with the oxygen in the air. If you overfill your machine then your beautiful beans can get stale before they ever get the chance to be turned into a great coffee cup.

Keep it Clean - You might think that this goes without saying, but a lot of people don't clean their coffee machine often enough. Regular cleaning will improve the quality of your drinks and prolong the life of your hot drinks machine. Regular cleaning is particularly important with fresh milk systems. 

Manage the Area - Your office coffee machine will be a focal point in the workplace. Put some thought into how you lay out the area around your coffee machine. Make sure that any instructions are easily spotted. Leave some room for things like sugar and stirrers. Make sure there is a nice tidy bin. All of these things will improve the service.

Save the Fine China - When you really want the quality of your drinks to stand out, consider using crockery or even glassware. This is a great way to improve your presentation. Many automatic bean to cup coffee machines will produce layered drinks - a layered latte in a glass is a great way to show your guest that attention to detail is important to you.

Take a look at our Bravilor Bean to Cup coffee machines or the Krea Touch, for an authentic espresso bar experience. If you already have a bean to cup machine, take a look at our Lavazza Coffee Beans to ensure you are serving the best coffee possible. Worried about costs? We offer easy leasing & hiring agreements for coffee machines. 

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