Why You Should Consider A Workplace Tea Machine

Posted by Paula Poots on

Why You Should Consider A Workplace Tea Machine

When considering your employee's comfort you wouldnt dream of only giving half of them a comfy chair or only a quarter of them enough supplies so when you ask us about a coffee machine we understand that you want better hot drinks not just coffee.     

 A YouGov Food Study looking into drinking habits and preferences found that three quarters of us (74%) drink a cup of tea at least once a week. This includes 17% who say they have more than 20 cups over the course of the week. So that means it is likely that a large proportion of you staff are looking for tea rather than coffee. 

But how do you cater to everyone? 


Flavia Creation 600

Huge Range of Drinks including Teas

Lavazza Professional has read the room with the Flavia Creation 600 which not only has tea but has more tea options than any other single serve system and it doesn't just cater to the black tea drinkers! It offers green, fruit & herbals teas as well. 

Twinings English Breakfast Tea


Twinings Tea Flavia Sachets For Flavia Coffee Pod Machines Office Coffee Supplies

A well loved classic English Breakfast tea backed by the trusted Twinings name. 


Bright Tea Earl Grey

Bright Earl Gray Tea Flavia Flavia sachets Office Coffee Supplies 

A medium bodied tea with that gorgeous taste of bergamot that you love.


Bright Green Tea

Bright Select Green Tea Flavia Sachets Office Coffee Supplies

 Full of antioxidants and great taste this one is great for the health enthusiast.


Bright Peppermint Tea

Bright Peppermint Herbal Tea Flavia Sachets Office Coffee Supplies

A minty delight that is perfect for after that large lunch to help digestion.


Bright Lemon Tea

Bright Lemon Herbal Tea Flavia Sachets Office Coffee Supplies

A lemony and citrusy drink that in our opinion tastes like lemon candy when you add just a touch of honey.


Bright Decaf English Breakfast Tea

Bright English Breakfast Decaf Tea Flavia sachets Office Coffee Supplies

A great way to enjoy black tea in the afternoon so you can sleep later.


The Flavia C600 also solves a lot of workplace drama by making the tea round so simple no one will ever try to back out of their turn. No need to worry how strong or how weak the tea is because the machine brews each cup exactly how it should be every time.

The Flavia C600 also keeps mess at bay. Since the Flavia sachets fall into the internal bin there are no gross, used tea bags growing cold and growing mold around around your office. 

We think the Flavia Creation 600's impressive variety is perfect for workplace enviroments but if you are still unsure or have any questions just get in touch! We will be happy to help.