Why We Choose Only Trusted Brands

Posted by Paula Poots on

Why We Choose Only Trusted Brands

Trust is a huge factor when you are choosing any product and your workplace hot drinks choices aren't any different. We have always chosen our drinks & machine ranges with trusted brands in mind to ensure that you can order with confidence. 




Lavazza Beans For Hot Drinks Machines Office Coffee Supplies

Lavazza is Italy's favourite coffee and it is a favourite in our workplace and extremely popular with customers. Over the years we have tested many coffee brands but we feel nothing has come close to Lavazza's great taste and aroma. Because of this we exclusively supply Lavazza coffee whether its beans, single serve, ground or instant. We are passionate about your coffee cup and this is reflected in our choice of Lavazza.


Twinings Flavia Sachets For Tea And Coffee Machines Office Coffee Supplies


When you think of your cup of English Breakfast Tea Twinings is the first brand that springs to mind. Unlike most single serve systems Flavia machines have a great range of tea so of course the premium breakfast tea is Twinings. 


Lavazza Cadbury Hot Chocolate Flavia Sachet Office Coffee Supplies

Flavia has again assured that the best possible brands are represented by offering Cadbury Hot Chocolate for their machines. Its a taste you know and love and allows you to feel like a kid again for a moment during your workday. 


Galaxy Hot Chocolate For Bean To Cup Coffee Machines Office Coffee Supplies


If you have a bean to cup coffee machine or a vending machine our hot chocolate choice is Galaxy Hot Chocolate. Enjoy the silky, indulgent pleasure that Galaxy chocolate is known for. 


Bright Tea Flavia Sachets For Tea And Coffee Machines Office Coffee Supplies


The single serve tea selection for Flavia sachet machines is impressive and in addition to breakfast tea the Bright Tea Co has expert blends such as Earl Grey and they have a delightful range of green and herbal teas that just make you feel good drinking them and are excellent options for those looking to be a little healthier. 


PG Vending Instant Tea For Bean To Cup Machines UK Office Coffee Supplies

Since the 1930s PG Tips has been providing the UK with a great cuppa. That's a long time and a lot of tea which is why all  PG tips teas are Rainforest Alliance certified and our tea choice for bean to cup and vending machines. 


Lavazza Coffee branded Cup Office Coffee Supplies


If you have all of these brands on offer its hard not to shout about it and our range of cups and ancillaries help you do just that. That cup of Lavazza coffee can be a walking advertisement for your business's commitment to quality. Don't forget that you can also get Office Barista branded cups which helps demonstrate good taste regardless of whats in the cup. 


Bravilor Esprecious Bean To Cup Coffee Machine Office Coffee Supplies


Our branded coffee towers are great for breakrooms, busy workplaces and are particularly suited to retail spaces. Advertise your Lavazza coffee or we have great options for branding your tower with the most important brand of all.......yours. 


With so much choice of machines and brands it can seem overwhelming when selecting the right office coffee supplies for you which is why we only offer the brands that experience has taught us works the best for our customers. We are always happy to talk about ranges and enjoy helping customers find the right hot drinks solutions for them. Get in touch to find out how we make better coffee work!