How Much Is Your Daily Coffee Shop Habit Costing You?

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How Much Is Your Daily Coffee Shop Habit Costing You?

The old adage is true and wise........Look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves. Your daily trip to the local coffee shop may not seem like a huge expense but if you are paying around £2.25 or more every day for your latte the costs rapidly add up.

We Spend How Much?

According to The Telegraph Britons spend £730 million on coffee cups each year and £608.84 individually on crafted speciality coffee. Coffee gains popularity in the UK every year as a nation of tea drinkers is being slowly converted to the bean.

As this article from the Washington Post highlights very effectively- 

Tea consumption per person has fallen consistently since the early 1970s, plummeting from almost 68 grams per week in 1974 to only 25 grams per week in 2014. The plunge of more than 63 percent is one of the biggest among all beverages in the country. Only malt drinks and coffee essences (whatever those are) have had greater drops.

Coffee's trajectory, however, has been just the opposite. Its consumption has tripled since the early 1970s.

A daily fix from the higher end chains could be as high as £660 a year and that's if you only have one coffee cup a day. That's over £15,000 in an entire lifetime! 

That's two 5 star holidays with all the bells and whistles.

Office Barista Take Away Cup with coffee beans

How We Can Save You Money?

Having an office coffee machine for your business is a great solution to help you and your staff cut costs and increases productivity. Your staff's wallets and purses benefit from not having to shell out a few times a day for specialty coffee and you save valuable work time by making sure they are able to stay in the office to enjoy their brew instead of them taking a very long time to go grab take aways.

We are proud to offer an impressive range of machines who's coffee not only rivals that of most coffee shops but that will also keep your pennies in your pockets. There is a hot drinks machine for every business need.

 Flavia coffee machines come with unbeatable variety and if you prefer your coffee to be a latte or cappuccino, Flavia has you covered with their ability to froth any fresh milk, including non dairy. Coffee sachets for the Flavia coffee and tea machine hail from brands such as Lavazza Coffee and start at 33p per freshpack. Flavia indulgence sachets which include barista favourites such as lattes or flat whites start at .42p.

There is also the brilliant Flavia drinks variety from the Bright Tea Company including black, herbal & infusions teas all starting at 20p per fresh pack sachet.  We also can not forget an indulgent cup of Cadbury's Hot Chocolate that comes in less than .40p per drink.






The Bravilor Esprecious is a fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine. The Bravilor Esprecious machine delivers the perfect espresso with freshly ground coffee beans and a beautiful crème layer. Our unbeatable range of top of the line bean to cup coffee machines will give your staff the full coffee shop experience. Lattes, Cappuccinos, Macchiato, and Americanos.....every individual taste is catered for and at only 70-90p per cup.

In fact, thanks to its double outlet, the Bravilor Esprecious can deliver two perfect espressos in just 33 seconds! 

Fill the dry ingredients canisters with powdered milk and hot chocolate to offer coffee specialities such as cappuccino, mocha and latte macchiato. This smart, fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine features an intuitive touchscreen to guide users through drink selections, and its easy step-by-step cleaning schedule. 


Lavazza coffee beans for coffee machines are Italy's favourite and their delicious taste and aroma helps ensure your employees aren't popping out to the local coffee shop on office time.

Providing such high quality beans really highlights to your staff and customers that you are interested in treating them to the very best and of course they deserve it. .They never need to know just how reasonably priced it is.











 Flavia C600 Hot Drinks Vending Machine Which Has A Fresh Milk Frother