Meet – greet – seat – “Would you like a cup of coffee?”

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Meet – greet – seat – “Would you like a cup of coffee?”


A core part of the business day for businesses of all types. Face to face interaction is still valued above all other forms of engagement. And professional hot drinks can act as the oil that smooths a meeting.

Meeting etiquette is usually followed:

Meet. Hi – How are you? Can I get you a tea or a coffee? How’s the family?

Arranging hot drinks facilitates the social interaction, but you want to be able to get down to business relatively quickly - so you don't want to have to leave the meeting room to boil the kettle. But does the quality of the coffee cup affect the success of the meeting?

If you sat your guest in a broken chair, in a room with a tattered carpet and peeling paint, would you expect them to leave with a good impression of your business? No, and you will have gone to some efforts and investment to make sure that that is not the case. Have you done the same with your hot drinks?

With the growth in coffee shops, people have a much higher expectation of good coffee, but up to 40% of staff and visitors will drink tea, so you want to be able to offer both. With the availability of a range of office coffee machines, from a simple pod machine, to a high end bean to cup coffee machine, there is no excuse for serving bad hot drinks.

The hot drinks you serve are part of the meeting experience and with a professional hot drinks machine in place, you can arrange to meet people on your premises, to see where you work, and meet others in your company before going to the meeting room. Having a choice of freshly ground coffees, teas and hot chocolate helps to make your visitors feel welcome, and many of the best office coffee machines also offer cappuccinos and lattes.

Serving the coffee in branded cups, or at least matching mugs also makes a difference, and shows that you care about how you are perceived. Add in good biscuits, and you are creating a really positive image, adding to your brand perception and to your chances of a successful meeting.

At Office Barista we have a complete range of office hot drinks machines, and we'd be delighted for you to get in touch to discuss which would be best for you business - or you can click here to see our best-selling office coffee machines, or to check out the Flavia Creation 600 machines, & Lavazza Coffee bean to cup machines which are most popular with our clients wishing to serve better hot drinks in meetings.

* You can lease or hire coffee machines from Office Barista to keep up front costs to a minimum. We also offer operated agreements for bean to cup coffee machines!


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