The Office Hot Drinks Station: How To Prepare For a New Machine

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The Office Hot Drinks Station: How To Prepare For a New Machine

Once you've chosen the coffee and tea machine that's right for your business, you'll need to kit it out. Having good storage and the right office coffee cup supplies will help keep the drinks station neat, tidy and efficient.

Location Location Location

The first thing you need to do is scout out the best location in your office for your hot drinks station. There may be a completely obvious spot but have a look around to make sure you aren't missing a gem of a space.

If your coffee machine is plumbed in you will be limited to spaces in your office that have access to plumbing. If your machine is jug filled then plumbing isn't going to be an issue then probably the most important thing to consider is accessibility.

You don't want all your staff blocking up a small hallway waiting for coffee nor do you want them constantly bumping into the back of some unfortunate colleagues chair one hundred times a day. Our coffee machines are relatively quiet but noise pollution is always something to consider. Choose a spot that is out of the way and unlikely to cause congestion or annoyance.

If you have plenty of room consider creating a space with comfortable seating or maybe a table or two. Coffee breaks can be a great way to boost creativity in your office by allowing your staff to mix a bit more and they are more likely to be a bit more refreshed if they've gotten away from their desks for a short while. Take some inspiration from the successful companies in this article from 

Great Storage Eliminates Mess

A place for everything and everything in its place always benefits everyone. Nobody wants their office coffee machine surrounded by loose coffee, tea and ancillaries or any other sticky or smelly messes.

As one of the UK's leading office coffee suppliers we have plenty of stylish storage options for you to choose from. You can be sure we have a solution that will look amazing and keep things in order with minimal effort.


 Do You Have A Flavia?

Have you chosen the Flavia office coffee machine? The four column merchandiser holds all your favourite Flavia drinks fresh packs and looks totally great while doing it.

For a complete storage solution have a look at the Flavia base cabinets which includes ample room on top for a machine and merchandiser and has space underneath for extra storage and a bin complete with chute. Extremely attractive with a wood finish on the top and sides and a black front this base cabinet, which comes in two sizes, will look stylish in any location.


Coffee Towers

Coffee towers such as the Bravilor Esprecious Go or a Lavazza Coffee stand offer great branding opportunities as well as being attractive storage solutions.

Choose any machine including the Bravilor Espresious and the Krea Touch bean to cup coffee machine.

The Right Supplies

Office Barista has an extensive range of office coffee supplies to stock your station including Lavazza Coffee, cups, lids, white and brown sugar, milk pots, and wooden stirrers. We have everything you need to make sure everyone can prepare their coffee cup just the way they like it.

Paper Coffee Cup Paper Cups and Lids

A few extras can always go a long way towards pleasing your staff. Cinnamon, cocoa powder, syrups and honey can make their coffee break feel special and biscuits, cakes or donuts are delicious and are always going to be a big hit and bring smiles to faces.

Keeping the drinks area clean and tidy shouldn't be a hassle. Always make sure there is a bin within reach for rubbish and keeping cleaner and cloths nearby will help ensure any sticky spills get cleaned up quickly.

We can always help you decide which office coffee supplies are best for your workplace. Contact Us Now to see how we can make better office coffee work for your business. 


 You can hire or lease coffee machines from Office Barista to keep up front costs to a minimum. We also offer operated agreements for bean to cup coffee machines!