Descaling A Keurig Coffee Machine

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Descaling A Keurig Coffee Machine

Woman using a Keurig Hot Drinks machine & Keurig coffee pods

Descaling your Keurig machine is so important to the life of the coffee machine. Allowing lime scale to build up not only will reduce your machines productivity but will result in a coffee cup that doesn't taste its absolute best.

Lime scale usually adversely effects anything where a heating element comes in contact with water such as a kettle, boiler or in this case your Keurig machine. This occurs in places with problems relating to having Hard Water.

Hard water is found in areas where the rocks have a high mineral , such as calcium content. The water collects these minerals from the rocks as it flows.

These minerals can have a lot of heath benefits to our bodies and we know that mineral water can be good for us but it can be detrimental to our machines. As the water is heated up these minerals solidify and leave a white crust on the insides which start to clog up pipes and also can end up leaving an unpleasant film in your hot drink and around your cup.

Hard water areas in the UK & Ireland are found mostly in the South East of England and a good portion of the Republic of Ireland. Many hard water maps are easily found online so you can see if this is a worry for your area or check out this WikiHow article on how to test for hard water. 

If you live in a soft water area you can probably afford to leave longer periods between your descaling depending on where you live. Twice a year is probably the minimum length of time to leave descales. Please do not leave it longer than this.

In addition to periodically descaling your coffee machine we recommend using water that has been filtered which removes a lot of the deposits and will result in less build up. We supply drop in Aqua Gusto filters from Brita which are perfect for Keurig Machines not to mention a snap to use.

Please find below our steps to keeping your machine lime scale free and in good working order. These steps are very easy to do and should be done every three to five months.

Descaling your Keurig coffee pod machine couldn't be simpler and is extremely vital if you consistently want a tasty, hassle free coffee cup.

Step 1: Please turn off the power to the Keurig hot drinks machine at the wall. This will guarantee a shock free descale. Your safety first! 

Step 2: Put a large cup under the Keurig machine to catch the liquid. There shouldn't be more than a cup in the tank but maybe keep another large cup and towel handy just in case.

Step 3: Empty the machine's water tank and fill it with half water and half white vinegar.

Step 4: Turn the power to your office coffee machine back on at the wall.

Step 5: Run four large cup brew cycles or run it until the machine asks you to refill the water. ( Do not insert a Keurig K Cup).

Step 6: Leave coffee machine to stand for 30 minutes to allow the lime scale to dissolve.

Step 7: Discard remaining water/vinegar/solution in the water tank and fill it up with water.

Step 8: Run four large cup brewing cycles or run it until the machine requests that you refill the water. For best results we suggest repeating this step to ensure all of the vinegar is cleansed from the machine to make sure the taste of your drinks isn't effected. ( Do not insert a K Cup)

Step 9: Your Keurig coffee and tea machine is now descaled and you can now enjoy your favourite Starbucks coffee, hot chocolate or Twinings tea.

Step 10: Repeat in 3 to 5 months for best results

We have some Keurig videos below so you can see for yourself how simple it is. These can take away any intimidation about descaling the coffee machine for the first time.

You shouldn't have any bother descaling your coffee machine but should any problems arrive we are always just a phone call away. Any of our friendly and knowledgeable staff here at Office Barista can help you through if you get stuck.

We want to make sure the whole process is as easy and stress free for you as possible.

We are authorised Keurig Ireland Distributors and can help you choose the best coffee pod machine for your workplace or business and advise you on how best to care for your machine so Contact Us Now!

* We are an authorised Keurig Ireland distributor 

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