Replacing Your Kenco Singles Machine? This is How Much It Will Cost

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Replacing Your Kenco Singles Machine? This is How Much It Will Cost

 Kenco Singles Machines were delisted back in 2013 and stock is no longer available so if you are searching for a replacement the cost of a new machine is probably a huge factor. Office Barista has great replacement options with pleasing prices and delicious coffee cups.

Office Barista knows that price is a huge factor when choosing coffee at work and probably one of the very first concerns that customers need to address, especially as price was probably one of the reasons you chose the Kenco Singles machine in the first place. Don’t worry we have you covered.

As one of the UK’s leading office coffee suppliers we have worked hard to curate a range of single serve and bean to cup coffee machines that will have something for you no matter what your business. The machine probably best placed to replace your Kenco Singles Machines is our Flavia Machine.



 The Flavia C600

The new Flavia C600 is really turning heads! Customers are loving its ability to froth any fresh milk including non dairy. Fresh milk can be a bit of bother with milk tube cleaning but the C600 completely eliminates the problem as it froths in cup so there is no mess to clean up and no tubes to keep clean.

The post COVID office will require more touch free technology and this machine delivers with touch free brewing via the Tap N' brew app.

It also still has all the beloved attributes of its predecessors including good looks and the reliability you have come to expect from Lavazza Professional. 

Its price point is a little higher than previous Flavia machines due to the new technology so contact us for a quote.

Flavia Coffee Pod Machine UK Coffee Pod Machine for Lavazza Coffee


Bean to Cup

If you really want to go all out there is always the option of one of our bean to cup coffee machines. Bravilor machines are our best selling but we have lots of great options, including machines that use fresh milk, to make sure that we can deliver a machine that is the perfect fit for your business. The Krea Touch bean to cup machine has also proven extremely popular & offers state tof the art technology such as hands free vending via an app as well as making delicious coffee.

Bean to cup coffee machines freshly grind the beans, we love Lavazza Coffee beans, for each individual cup for the best possible cup of coffee. Barista style drinks will include lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites, mochas and hot chocolates. Bean to cup machines are at a whole other quality level than single serve coffee machines like the Kenco Singles machine. 

They don’t come cheap though. Bean to cup coffee machines can be a significant investment for a business and our friendly and knowledgeable sales team will always be happy to discuss with you what the costs involved might be.

Krea Touch Bean To Cup Hands Free Coffee Machine Coffee Supplies

Whichever option you choose you can be sure that you’ll be even more happy than you were with your Kenco Singles Machine. Contact us now to find out which machine we think is best for your business and to hear about our easy coffee machine hire and leasing terms..