How Lavazza Coffee Point Of Sale Items Can Increase Your Profits

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How Lavazza Coffee Point Of Sale Items Can Increase Your Profits

Branding works

Once you have installed your business's Bean to Cup coffee machine and have filled it with delicious Lavazza coffee, Office Barista can help you make it more profitable by offering a range of point of sale (POS) items from Lavazza for your tea and coffee machine. 

Rise Above The Noise

Everyone is constantly being bombarded with so many different brands and messages these days. It can be extremely frustrating trying to figure out how to make sure your own brand is being seen and heard over all the noise.

Point of sale marketing for you coffee machine may be especially important for businesses that don't traditionally sell or offer coffee. It is a great new way to make people aware that you are branching out a bit and are able to offer something that other businesses in your sector don't usually treat their customers with. 

The Brand Matters

Don't under estimate the power of having the right coffee brand. Coffee is something that people tend to feel very passionate about so choosing the right brand can make the difference between having a full house or people toddling on down the road. This is why we recommend using Lavazza coffee in your bean to cup coffee machine.

Why Lavazza?

Lavazza coffee is such a recognised and beloved brand that it practically sells itself. Having Lavazza Beans's long history of over one hundred years of providing some of the best coffee in the world behind you marketing plan is already a huge step up.

*The excellence of Lavazza coffee today is the end result of the ideas of Luigi Lavazza, the first person to create their blends, combined with a hundred and twenty years of roasting experience.

The creation of perfect blends is one of the tasks of professional coffee tasters who, thanks to their experience, have a keen sense of taste and smell. They exploit these senses to select and combine different types of coffee until they yield the exact flavour they are looking for.

Loyalty Cards

We all now carry around a range of loyalty cards in our pockets these days, especially for coffee, so you'll need to offer your customers the same if you want to remain competitive and retain customer loyalty. We have Lavazza coffee branded loyalty cards and stamps to help keep your office coffee machine working non stop.

Follow The Signs

Posters and A stand pavement signs are obvious marketing tools and we can help here to. Increase your Lavazza brand awareness by posting them in the vicinity of your bean to cup coffee machine to increase sales! There is good variety of this sort of branding and a member of our knowledgeable sale team can help you choose which ones would suit your environment the best along with any placement advice you may require. 

Coffee Towers

Lavazza Coffee towers are another amazing branding opportunity and ensure you have a dedicated space for your machine. Generous storage underneath keeps all of your coffee supplies out of site & of course there are dispensers for any paper cups and lids.

Cups Are Hand Held Bill Boards

Disposable paper coffee cups are such a great marketing tool. People leave your establishment with their hot cup of coffee and become walking billboards with their Lavazza branded paper cups in hand. We offer both single and double walled disposable coffee cups. One of the great things about disposable paper coffee cups is that exposure to them is often prolonged. A stationary sign or poster may be easily missed as someone walks past it but quite often a coffee cup is enjoyed amongst others at a slow, leisurely pace. It sits on the table while people idly chat about what's new today and can be viewed by anyone sitting close by or brought into a very busy office and sat on a desk.

Lavazza Disposable Cup Paper Cup

Be Talked About

Its also likely to greatly increase your brand by the ever so important word of mouth. People are hopefully more likely to ask about or talk about your brand if its sitting on the table between them during their conversation. Give your customers the chance to gush about the merits of your brand and sing the praises of their great experience in your establishment.


You don't want everyone to walk away though so we also offer classically beautiful Lavazza crockery to compliment your Bravilor or Krea Touch coffee machine for those customers who prefer to linger. Lavazza crockery could just be the elegant touch you are looking to add to your atmosphere.


Lavazza UK for  Bean to Cup coffee machines
Our friendly & knowledgeable sales staff are full of great ideas and tips on how to market Lavazza coffee and your Bean to Cup coffee machine. We have loads of experience and love passing on our expertise on so you can increase your business's traffic.


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