Paper Coffee Cups & Lids: The Secret To No More Spills

Posted by Paula Poots on

Paper Coffee Cups & Lids: The Secret To No More Spills

Science is always asking the big questions.

Do gravitational waves exists? What is consciousness? What is at the very bottom of our oceans?

How can we stop spilling our coffee cup at work?

That's right.........A scientific study has been conducted to see how we can keep our drinks in our coffee cup and we have the answer!!! You can get lids for your paper cups and never spill another drop which makes them an office coffee essential.

There are many benefits to paper cups such as disposable cups mean no dirty dishes, no passing germs around and you can grab a cup to take away. Paper coffee cups are also inexpensive and wont require replacement when they are broken.

We have two sizes at Office Barista.

Our large paper cups are 12oz and are perfect for the Lavazza Coffee bean to cup machines and our small paper cups are 8oz and fit the Flavia office coffee machine. Both have corresponding lids to ensure you no longer spill your favourite workplace coffee. 

Aren't sure if paper cups are right for your office? Just get in touch and we will be happy to discuss this along with any questions you may have about any of our coffee and tea making equipment.


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