Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Capacity

Posted by Andrew Steen on

Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Capacity
I'm on my soapbox today to have a quick rant about unscrupulous bean to cup coffee machine suppliers.

I've had a number of meetings in the last few weeks with potential customers who are unhappy with their current bean to cup coffee machines.

The gist of the problem in each case is that they have been sold a budget bean to cup machine that doesn't have the appropriate capacity for their business. When the queues at the office coffee machine become a problem, the original seller tries to propose an upgrade to a much more expensive bean to cup machine.

These are the kind of practices that really annoy me because they get all of us hot drinks machine suppliers a bad name.

Here at Office Barista, we go out of our way to ensure that you understand the features of each bean to cup machine in our range, and that you make an informed choice between cost, quality and capacity, to arrive at the best bean to cup coffee machine for your particular business.

If you are considering a bean to cup coffee machine please have a read of our blogs on drinks volume and true cup cost. As a rule of thumb, if you have less than 50 staff, consider a Bravilor Esprecious