How To Restart An Idle Flavia Coffee Machine

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How To Restart An Idle Flavia Coffee Machine

Many of our customers will have had Flavia Coffee Machines that have been idle for quite some time and we strongly recommend that you carry out the following procedure to ensure your favourite Flavia brew is safe to drink. This procedure is for both the Flavia C600 and the Flavia Barista coffee machines. 

  1. If the brewer’s energy saver mode is still on, which is the default after 240 minutes (4 hours), the brewer will automatically shut down the hot tanks until a button is pressed. After a button is pressed, the hot tanks will then heat and return to the main coffee screen. If energy saver mode is turned off, the brewer will already be at the normal coffee screen.
  2. Remove the pack bin (for Barista – left pack bin), and then remove the plastic circular cap on the inside left of the pack bin compartment.
  3. Turn the brewer off using the switch located on the back, pull out the cold tank drain tube, pull the cap, and drain the cold tank completely of water. Re-insert the cap and place the tube back in the compartment. Replace the circular plastic cap on the left side of the pack bin compartment. Dispose of the water in the pack bin and place the pack bin back in the touchscreen coffee machine.
  4. If the brewer is a pour over, refill the cold tank using the pour over flap on top. If the brewer is plumbed in, turn the brewer back on using the switch in the back and the cold tank will automatically fill with fresh water.
  5. Place a cup on the drip tray and vend 4 cups of hot water by pressing and holding the hot water button. Empty the cup after each hot water vend.

If you have any questions about restarting your Flavia Business Coffee machine or if we can help restock Flavia tea and coffee then please do not hesitate to contact us!  

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