Flavia Coffee Machine Error 328: An Easy Fix

Posted by Paula Poots on

Flavia Coffee Machine Error 328: An Easy Fix

An error 328 on your Flavia office coffee machine is a jammed sachet and is super simple to fix.

Step 1: Turn the power to your hot drinks machine off at the wall

Step 2: Open the sachet slot

Step 3: Place one hand on top of the machine to steady it and put the other hand under the spout where the tea and coffee come out.

Step 4: Give the front of the machine a good tug and the front should come away. This can be a little intimidating but the front is designed to do this.

Step 5: Have a look inside and you should be able to see the freshpack causing the problem. Reach in and remove it.

Step 6: Reassemble the Flavia coffee machine and continue to enjoy your favourite coffee cup of Flavia drinks such as Lavazza coffee or Cadbury's Hot Chocolate.

If for any reason the Error 328 is still showing please do not hesitate to give us a ring so we can assist you in fixing the coffee equipment.

As one of the UK's leading coffee suppliers we can advise you on which tea and coffee machine is right for you as well as how to care for your machine to ensure you always have an enjoyable, hassle free coffee cup so Contact Us Now!

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