Why Are Coffee Pods So Popular?

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Why Are Coffee Pods So Popular?

The UK and Ireland's coffee cups have seen dramatic changes in recent years. The shift from instant coffee and ground coffee to the use of coffee pods/sachets has been massive thanks to the simplicity of coffee pod machines.

Increasing Popularity

According to the Daily Mail in early 2015 Supermarket sales of coffee pods were over £102 million a year while sales of instant coffee fell 10% to £198 million. There are many reasons for this shift and we have outlined them below.

Time Savers

One of the most obvious reasons is time. If you can grab the same quality coffee cup from your kitchen counter as you can at your local coffee shop it can be a huge convenience.

Anyone Can Be A Barista

We all know our favourite local baristas are skilled artists when it comes to using a traditional espresso machine and we love them for it.

Coffee pod machines require no particular skill set. You just have to pop a pod in the machine and press a button.

Its this ease that is such a massive selling point. Traditional espresso machines are just too fiddly for everyday use for most people to justify having them on their counter.

Impressive Coffee Quality

The quality of the coffee is just so impressive. We have come a very long way from instant coffee jars in our cupboards.

Some of the finest coffee found n the world is now produced for coffee pods

Not only is the coffee better quality, you are also getting a more consistent cup. You know longer have to measure everything out precisely and still often get completely different results than you were hoping for.

You can get the same impressive coffee results every time you use a machine.

The sheer variety of coffees and flavours is impressive. There is a pod for every taste, persona and passion.

More Than Just Coffee

A lot of machines like our Flavia machines even cater to the non coffee drinker with teas, including herbals and hot chocolate options.

Stale coffee grounds are  no longer an issue if you use coffee pods. Grounds individually sealed into pods mean that the coffee and tea are fresh with every single use.

Its also a huge advantage not to have to brew a whole pot or fill a whole press for just one cup. Pods allow you to make one serving of coffee at a time.

Less Mess

They are certainly tidier and make a lot less mess. When you just have to pop a pod in you no longer have to worry about water spills or getting loose coffee grounds everywhere.

Machines mostly just need wiped down to stay in good working order and look great.

A More Affordable Cup

Last but certainly not least coffee pod machines can save you a lot money. A cup of your favourite brew made in a local café can costs as much as £2.75 a pop!

Over a lifetime you could afford an amazing holiday with all the luxury bells and whistles with what is spent on barista coffee over a lifetime. Coffee pods costs less than £.50 so they really are a no brainer when it comes to keeping your money in your wallet

Workplaces Run On Coffee

Office coffee machines have the added advantage of keeping staff very happy and functioning.

Productivity and efficiency improve when they can get coffee at work as it eliminates the need for frequent trips to your local coffee shop and encourages people to socialise. Nobody needs to be late for work after waiting in a long queue for their favourite roast when its already waiting for them to drink in the office. 


So which is the best coffee pod machine for your office or business? We have a solution for every workplace including our very popular Flavia coffee machines.

The Flavia coffee and tea machines are great for larger offices and boast impressive Flavia drinks brands such as, Lavazza, Cadburys Hot Chocolate, and the Bright Tea Company. 
Its also able to make barista favourites by frothing any fresh milk including non dairy or by using any of the Flavia indulgence sachets. 
Flavia Creation 600 Touch Free Coffee Machine Coffee Pod Machine


We can help you decide which business hot drinks machine is right for you and your office. Check out our handy Help Me Choose web page or Contact Us for more details.

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