The Impressive Flavia Coffee Range

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The Impressive Flavia Coffee Range

You cant please everyone all of the time......or so they say. We think the quality and variety of Flavia Coffee offered by Flavia office coffee machines says otherwise.

Flavia coffee machines actually offer everything from hot chocolate to teas but the delicious range of Flavia coffees is where they really shine.

There are very few things nicer than a single origin coffee. Flavia allows you to unleash your inner coffee snob and insist on only Rainforest Alliance certified coffee that is sourced from one geographical location.

Flavia very proudly boast single origin blends from exotic sources such as:

Sumatra: Known for their quirkiness, Sumatran grown coffee is always a firm favourite among single origin coffee drinkers. Flavia Alterra Sumatra Coffee is 100% Sumatran, arabica coffee beans that are dark roasted to make a heavy bodied, complex coffee cup with a bold finish.

Colombia: Due to high elevation and climate many feel that Colombia produces the best coffee in the world. Its certainly very popular in our offices. Colombian coffee beans are pleasantly sweet and nutty. Our aromatic Flavia Alterra Colombia Coffee is 100% Colombian beans are medium roasted to give a balanced, fragrant coffee cup experience.

Flavia also has a blended roast for every palette from popular brands such as Alterra coffee and Taylors of Harrogate:

Taylors Rich Italian Coffee: 100% of Flavia Taylors Rich Italian Coffee comes from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms and has notes of chocolate and almond. Taylors of Harrogate is a well known and well loved high end brand with a distinguished history so you can't go wrong with this delicious cup.

Mild Roast: a delicate easy drinking coffee cup with a sweet finish so you can enjoy it enjoy all day long.

Smooth Roast: This roast is well-rounded and wonderfully comfortable. Its very refreshing flavour makes this lightly roasted coffee cup a real classic.

Rich Roast: a medium bodied coffee cup with a delicious fruity and sweet flavour that will shine through.

Artisan Roast: is medium roasted to enhance the fruity character of the beans with distinctive bright notes. A tasty coffee cup full of flavour

Espresso Roast: this is a luscious blend of dark roasted beans, delivering a heavy bodied, bold and earthy flavoured coffee cup.

Italian Roast: a rich and full bodied coffee cup that hits your palette with warm caramel notes and leaves a slightly smokey finish


Turning an espresso into a decadent cappuccino or latte is a snap...all you have to do is add a Real Milk Froth fresh pack sachet. We can even cover those staff members who prefer a little less caffeine in their lives and cups with Smooth Roast decaf.


Extend the already impressive variety even further by cleverly mixing different sachets for surprising combinations such as a chocolate mocha using a Galaxy Hot Chocolate which is sure to perk up that afternoon slump! You can even turn your hot chocolate into a minty treat or make it taste like a raspberry chocolate bar. Flavia invites a little creativity so why not try an iced coffee or mix up the tea flavours such as mixing a peppermint tea with the black tea for a refreshing tummy taming treat after lunch. 

Office Barista Ireland can help you choose which coffee and tea machine is best for your office or business and give you advice on which Flavia supplies you need so Contact Us now!