Our Favourite Flavia Drinks Combinations

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Our Favourite Flavia Drinks Combinations

Have you switched up your office hot drinks recently?

With the great UK range of Flavia drinks, there's no excuse for  being bored with the same old drink day after day.

Not only is there an impressive variety of Flavia freshpack sachets to enjoy individually, but you can mix them up to open up a whole new world of  possibilities.

Seeing what combinations and flavours we can create is one of our favourite break-time activities here at Office Barista.

Below are some of our very favourite recipes to enliven your office coffee cup!

Flavia Drinks for Best Coffee Pod Machine

Minty Cadbury's Hot Chocolate 

This tastes just like your favourite mint chocolate bar.

To Make: Choose the Mocha setting on your Flavia hot drinks machine and insert the Cadbury's Hot Chocolate fresh pack sachet followed by a Bright Peppermint Tea when prompted.

Cadbury's Chococcino 

A gloriously creamy way to indulge yourself

To Make: On the mocha setting of your machine insert a Cadbury's Hot Chocolate followed by a Real Milk Froth sachet.

Lemon Green Tea

This Flavia tea is so good hot but also refreshing and delicious served over ice on a warm day.

To Make: Brew a sachet of Green Tea with Jasmine from the Bright Tea Company on the small setting of the machine followed by a Lemon Herbal Sachet. Sweeten to your taste.

Peppermint Breakfast

Perfect for those who want their Peppermint tea with stronger tea flavour.

To Make: Choose the small setting on your machine and insert a black tea sachet followed by a Bright Peppermint Tea. This one is so refreshing.

Lemon Tea

This one is great anytime but I really appreciate it when I’m maybe not feeling the best and need a bit of extra comfort.

To Make: Brew a black tea on the small setting of your machine followed by a Bright Lemon Herbal fresh pack. Add runny honey to make it super soothing.


Our drink combinations aren’t the only way to make your workplace coffee feel special…….

A dusting of powdered chocolate or cinnamon can transform your cappuccino or latte and make it feel like a real treat. To really make you feel like you’ve turned your Flavia coffee and tea machine into your favourite local café, keep a selection of delicious syrups next to your Flavia machine and enjoy flavoured drinks throughout the day.

A slice of lemon and/or honey taste great and is a definitely healthier alternative to sugar. Herbal teas brewed and poured over ice are particularly yummy and refreshing especially during the summer months when you need to cool down.

The espressos are particularly yummy when mixed with a bit of single cream and syrups and served over ice. There is no need to run out to the local café or barista any longer when you are craving an iced coffee.

If you are lucky enough to have a blender on site then your favourite frapp is just around the corner! Chocolate or caramel sauce and whipped cream makes this just as good as anything you'd find anywhere else and its cheaper to!

Don’t forget your delicious Cadbury's Hot Chocolate!!! Marshmallows and whipped cream make you feel like a little kid again.

Enjoy and Share!

Flavia hot drinks are perfect for a little workplace experimentation.

We are sure there are great many variety of Flavia combinations that haven't even entered our heads yet.

Do you have a favourite Flavia drinks combination, ingredient or yummy topping that we haven’t tried yet? We’d really love to hear about it!

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