Are Paper Cups Right For Your Office?

Posted by Paula Poots on

Are Paper Cups Right For Your Office?


Office barista Disposable Paper Coffee Cup

Once you have chosen the office coffee machine that’s right for you, there are a few decisions that you need to make to ensure your drinks station runs smoothly and one of those is choosing between disposable coffee cups or crockery. We think that for most offices, paper cups offer the most convenience and are an essential addition to your coffee supplies.

Keep Things Tidy

Keeping the area around your hot drinks machine clean and tidy is so important - nobody wants to find dirty crockery lying around the office. The biggest benefit of paper cups is disposability.

There isn’t any washing up to worry about so you never go to make your drink only to discover there are no clean mugs or cups.

Banish Germs

Paper cups are more hygienic. If dishes aren’t washed properly germs can remain and it's definitely not desirable to have your staff passing around germs, especially during cold and flu season. If you have a strong stomach you can read this article from the NY Post about all the things you might find lurking on office crockery. 

What About Costs?

Is the expense a concern? Disposable cups are not as expensive as you may think.

Both our 8oz and 12oz Office Barista paper cups cost less than 1p per cup which is well worth it when you consider the hassle involved with storing and cleaning crockery not to mention that replacing the inevitable broken dishes can be very pricey.

On The Go

One of the obvious benefits to paper coffee cups is that you can take them with you. Pop a lid onto our Office Barista cups and out the door you go.

There is no need to hang around while you finish your cup of tea or coffee when you have take away cups to hand.

As one of the UK’s leading workplace coffee suppliers we are well placed to give you any advice you need about which paper cups and lids are best for you…………

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