Best Alternative to Kenco Singles Coffee Machine

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Best Alternative to Kenco Singles Coffee Machine

If you have a Kenco Singles machine and are looking for an alternative, please read on! We’ll give you the lowdown on your best options now that Kenco Singles drinks have been discontinued.

What happened to Kenco Singles?

Designed as a direct competitor to the Flavia coffee machine rangethe Kenco Singles machine used a cartridge drinks system.

Whilst simple and effective, the Kenco Singles machine struggled to compete with other office coffee machines on the market - such as the Flavia Creation 500 (the latest version of the Flavia Creation 400). Kenco Singles offered a single drinks system - making it less sophisticated than other coffee machines which use 2 drinks (coffee and a froth/milk option) to create barista style lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolates and more.

The Kenco singles machine was de-listed in 2013 and production of Kenco Singles drinks cartridges was discontinued in December 2017. As an alternative to Kenco Singles, we highly recommend the Flavia C500.

Best alternative to the Kenco Singles Machine:
Why we rate the Flavia C500

Larger Variety of Higher Quality Drinks

Flavia drinks Bright lemon Tea, Galaxy Hot Chocolate Kenco singles offered approximately 9-10 drinks in total, whereas the Flavia C500 offers 10 different coffees alone. Whereas Kenco Singles served freeze dried Nescafe coffee and PG Tips tea, the Flavia creation 500 offers you real, freshly ground coffees and fresh leaf teas such as Alterra Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee and Yorkshire tea. You can see our full range of Flavia drinks here.

Highly Sophisticated Pouring System

Flavia Creation 500 Office Coffee MachineWhilst the Kenco singles brewer used cartridges that served all drinks in the same way and at the same temperature, the Flavia C500 infuses teas and coffee at separate temperatures.

And the sophistication doesn’t end there. You only have to watch your drinks being served in a glass mug to see how each drink type is poured differently by the Flavia Creation 500, for optimum taste. Selecting the Cappuccino option, you’ll notice the drink being poured in two layers (froth on top) just as you would see a barista do. Hot Chocolate is poured using the Fabulous Froth and has a delay on the chocolate which means your drink comes with a chocolate topping - almost like sprinkles!

It’s the 2 pack Flavia drink system (coffee and milk separates) used by Flavia coffee machines that allows this level of sophisticated pouring - resulting in a superior quality barista style drink.

Just as Clean and Easy

One of the things many Kenco Singles users loved about their old machine was how clean and easy the cartridge drinks were to use. The Flavia Creation 500 and Flavia Freshpack drinks system offers that same ease of use, and a unrivalled record for reliable performance, year on year.  


If you are thinking of replacing your Kenco Singles hot drinks machine, or would like more information on the best alternatives to Kenco Singles in Ireland, please Contact Liam using our quick contact form or call 1890 321 000.