Brita Purity C150 Filter Ireland Great for coffee machines

Brita Purity C150 Filter

  • The Purity Fresh C150 was specially developed for soft water areas with a high particle density in the water. The activated carbon mixture reliably keeps these particles away from the machine and end product, ensuring a clear fresh taste. In addition, the machine is optimally protected. As a result, the Purity Fresh C150 reduces a large part of the significant negative influences, which can be caused by properties of the water.
  • BRITS Systematic Filter Technology softens water in four steps
  • Delivers optimum results for all espresso-based beverages
  • Reliably protects professional espresso machines from limescale and gypsum deposits
  • Reduces taste and aroma impairing substances – for the perfect cup
  • Meets your needs: flexibly choose from a wide range of connections
  • Easy to use rapid-change system with innovative locking handle and integrated flush valve
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