What Goes Into a Keurig K Cup Pod?

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What Goes Into a Keurig K Cup Pod?
We've received so many good questions about coffee and what goes into making your favourite K Cup pods it only made sense to delve a little deeper into the ingredients and the make-up of Keurig pods. Let’s learn some more:

Can I Stll Get Keurig Products In The Ireland?

Yes you can! Keurig has recently pulled out of the UK but Office Barista has now arranged to recieve its Keurig stock directly from Keurig in North America so we can continue bringing you all the Keurig brands you love!

Are there calories in coffee?

For calorie crunchers out there, good news: unflavored and flavored brewed coffee (without added cream or sugar) have virtually no calories, fats, carbohydrates, sodium, or cholesterol.

What ingredients do Keurig use for flavoured coffee?

Keurig use high quality ingredients that are approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

What kind of coffee’s in a K Cup pod?

The majority of Keurig K Cup coffee pods contain some of the finest Arabica and Robusta coffees from around the world. Whether single origin, organic, Fair Trade, or a multi-varietal blend, each Keurig coffee is created from carefully selected coffee beans and roasted to perfection. Immediately after roasting, Keurig coffee is packed into air tight pods. A special nitrogen-flush during packaging ensures there is little oxygen left in the pod and the K Cup pod protects the coffee from air, light and moisture – all things that overtime, can affect the taste of your cup of coffee.

How fresh is the coffee in a K Cup pod?


How a Keurig Coffee Pod Works infographic


K Cup pods are made of three elements – the cup, a filter and the aluminum foil top – which maintain the pod contents’ quality and freshness by preventing oxygen, light and moisture from degrading the coffee. All Keurig K Cup pods have a suggested Best Used By Date, which represents a time-frame recommendation Keurig provide the consumer to help ensure the highest quality brewing experience possible. It is not a product expiration date. Through shelf-life testing Keurig have been able to determine that Keurig coffee products can be experienced at the highest standards of quality within a 24-month window.

What is the lid of a K Cup pod made of?

K Cup pod lids are constructed from a food-grade aluminum foil which is sealed to the cup portion of the pod during the production and filling process. All specifications for Keurig products require that they be constructed using only industry standard materials that meet or exceed the FDA’s guidelines for product safety.

Is there a filter in K Cup pods? What is it made of?

While many Keurig pods do contain filters, some do not. Like most filters for drip coffee makers, K Cup pod filters are made with abaca fiber, which is the same material that is typically used in tea bags. The filter is welded to the cup portion of the pod during the production and filling process.

What plastic is used for  K Cup pods? Is it BPA free?

Most K Cup pods are classified as #7 plastic, which means they are made from a multi-layer blend of materials and plastics.  The inside layers are polyethylene, which is one of the most common plastic food packaging material used today. Keurig specifications require that K Cup, pods be constructed from plastic which does not contain BPA.  All specifications for Keurig products require that they be constructed using only industry standard materials that meet or exceed the Food & Drug Administration’s guidelines for product safety.

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Sourced from Keurig

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