Replacing your Kenco Singles Machine?

Posted by Paula Poots on

Replacing your Kenco Singles Machine?

Change is hard. Its harder when its forced on you.

Your favourite brand stops making your favourite lip colour or that restaurant that makes the amazing burgers has to close down.

A lot of Kenco singles machine owners are going through this exact same thing at the minute. While the singles packets are still available the capsule coffee machine has been delisted.

Coffee machine technology has moved on and the Kenco Singles machine just hasn't been able to stay competitive.

Part of the issue is found in it's name. Kenco singles can't offer hot drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes with a single sachet system compared to machines like the Flavia that is able to offer these favourites with a two pack system.

Sometimes change means better things are around the corner like a fresh new lip colour or you discover a spot with the pizza of your dreams.

As one of the Ireland's leading coffee suppliers...Office Barista can offer a range of reliable, stylish machines that provide great coffee cups and more. We can make sure you have better coffee at work and don't miss your old machine at all.

To find out about all of our great Kenco Singles machine alternatives read on:

People sitting around a table drinking coffee. Alternatives to kenco Singles Coffee Machines

Coffee capsule machines are everywhere now which is probably a stark contrast compared to when you first bought your Kenco Singles machine so doing your research and comparisons is important.

Ask yourself what sort of variety is on offer? Can I get Tea and hot chocolate as well as coffee? Will my favourite brands be available?

How much time can I devote to keeping my office coffee machine clean? Which machine provides value for money?

Flavia C500: The new Flavia Creation 500 replaces the exceptionally popular Creation 400 and offers a huge variety of freshly brewed coffees, leaf teas, hot chocolate and specialty drinks including lattes, cappuccinos and mochas from your favourite brands such as Cadbury's chocolate and Lavazza coffee and Yorkshire tea.

This Flavia coffee machine combines Lavazza Professional's best-loved professional features and industry-leading reliability with a stylish new look including enhanced Flavia drink and menu display options, the Creation 500 is designed exclusively for the workplace. Cost-effective, easy-to-use, relatively quiet  and requires practically no cleaning.

Keurig K150: The Keurig K150P is the ideal machine for a workplace of any size, offering a choice of more than 20 varieties of gourmet coffees, teas and speciality beverages. The Keurig coffee machine is fully programmable, with an interactive colour touchscreen and can be connected to the existing plumbing for back to back brewing.

Enjoy drinks from brands such as Green Mountain coffee & Twinings Tea! Keurig machines require very little cleaning time because the pods ensure you can make a tasty but mess free drink.

Bean to cup coffee machines: Bean to cup machines grind coffee beans individually for every drink and can deliver the ultimate in indulgent coffees. With beans stored in hoppers and fresh milk, these machines require careful management to deliver to their full potential.

We have an impressive range of machines:

Bravilor Esprecious: A fully automatic bean to cup machine, the Bravilor Esprecious delivers the perfect espresso with freshly ground coffee beans and a beautiful crème layer. In fact, thanks to its double outlet, it can deliver two perfect espressos in just 33 seconds!

Fill the dry ingredients canisters with powdered milk and hot chocolate to offer coffee specialities such as cappuccino and latte macchiato. This smart, fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine features an intuitive touchscreen to guides users through drink selections, and its step-by-step cleaning schedule.


We can help you choose the best coffee pod machine for your business so contact us now!