Why your office needs the new Flavia C500

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Why your office needs the new Flavia C500

Mars Drinks applied their trademark attention to detail in developing the new Flavia Creation 500, taking all the best bits of the popular Creation 400 and giving it a fresh new look.

I really think the Flavia C500 is their best hot drinks machine yet. Highly robust and cost efficient, it’s fuss free, built to last, and makes a whole range of great quality teas and coffees, without the hassle of a bean to cup machine.

Flavia Creation 500I make sure I work closely with the key manufacturers to give feedback on what works and doesn’t work for our customers.

This means I have a good idea of whether the latest models fit the bill before they even come to market.

I was delighted to be able to offer this brand new, neat, easy to maintain workplace hot drinks solution - the Flavia C500 - to the UK and Ireland.

If you are looking for fantastic value per cup, low maintenance, and style - take a look at this excellent Flavia coffee machine. The Creation 500 comes highly recommended!

Here’s why you should get the Flavia Creation 500 for your workplace:

1/ Huge VARIETY of coffee and branded hot drinks

If your office is anything like ours, everyone favours a different hot drink! In addition to freshly brewed coffees and real leaf teas, the Flavia drinks range offers lattes, cappuccinos and mochas, Galaxy hot chocolate, and a whole range of herbal, fruit & infusion teas….26 drink options in total! Don't miss my blog revealing our Top Flavia Favourites here.

All the hot drinks are barista quality and benefit from the latest Flavia Freshpack technology -  ensuring that each and every drink is sealed for ultimate freshness.
This Freshpack technology also ensures there is no cross contamination between each hot drink - so no-one in the office can complain their peppermint tea tastes of coffee!

Each Flavia drink is available at the touch of a button on the easy to use display screen, making it simple for both co-workers and clients to serve themselves. The great range of familiar branded and quality coffees and hot drinks (such as Taylors coffee, Yorkshire tea, Alterra coffee and Galaxy hot chocolate) make the Flavia C500 the perfect choice for reception areas, sales floors or as a main office hot drinks machine. Clients will be more than impressed with the Real Milk Froth drinks, meaning you can serve a barista quality latte or cappuccino right in your office!

2/ It’s superb VALUE

Let’s be honest, buying an office coffee machine comes down to price. But with the Flavia C500, being cost effective doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on the quality of your coffee. The balance of relatively low capital costs and cost-effective price per drink make the total price per cup extremely competitive, with teas at less than 20p per cup and coffees from 29p. Taking advantage of our Flavia Creation 500 coffee machine and drinks offer today, will mean paying the lowest price anywhere  - we are happy to *price match if you can find a better deal! Click here for our offers >

And that’s not all - as well as price matched purchase, we also offer this machine on lease and pay-only for drinks deals - whichever option you choose, your finance team will be happy!

Not only is the price per cup extremely low, this machine saves money on running costs too...It’s Energy rating A+, and one of the most efficient hot drinks system on the market!

The C500 neatly powers down into a low energy mode when not in use, minimises electricity usage with the twin tank boiler system AND has energy efficient led indicators. Cost effective and environmentally conscious to boot!


The Creation 500 builds on the professional features and industry-leading reliability of its predecessor, the Creation 400, which boasts over a year and a half between service calls. The last thing you want is coffee outage, so this machine gets a thumbs up from me for reliability.

The easy-to-use display screen walks you through selecting your hot drink, and drinks are ready in a speedy 40 seconds. And just as you were thinking this Flavia coffee machine couldn’t get much better….The freshpack system and internal bin mean there is no mess and minimal clean-up! Cleaning takes a fraction of the time required by bean to cup and fresh milk systems.

This really is a hot drinks machine that you can leave to do it’s thing, which is why I highly recommend you consider the C500 for your office.

At Office Barista Ireland we offer a *price match guarantee on Flavia coffee machines so you really will be getting the best price available anywhere!

Click here to see our fantastic machine and drinks offers, or drop us a line and we’ll call you back to discuss a package that suits your individual needs.


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