FairTrade Coffee: The Benefits

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FairTrade Coffee: The Benefits

What Is Fairtrade?

The concept of fair trade aims to provide sustainable development. Fairtrade focuses on improving trading conditions, prices and working conditions for farmers in developing countries.

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Fairtrade supplies an additional sum of money which goes to the farmers and workers. This is called the Fairtrade Premium.

The Fairtrade Foundation states that the Fairtrade Premium has raised over £23 million, which was generated from Fairtrade sales in the UK.

By offering Fairtrade coffees for our brewers, we help to provide high-quality coffee to you, while helping to improve the quality of life of coffee-growing farmers and their families around the world.

What Are the Benefits?

Supports Sustainability for the Environment – Fairtrade coffee has to conform to demanding environmental standards. Farmers are encouraged to move towards organic production and use less chemicals which could be harmful to the environment.

Guaranteed Prices for Coffee Farmers – When purchasing Fairtrade coffee for your coffee cup, there is a base price. This means that even when prices for green coffee fluctuate or plummet, the farmers who produce the coffee beans still get a fair price for their products.

Investment in the Local Community – A portion of the premium paid to farmers goes back to their local community and gets reinvested. This supports housing, healthcare and education in developing countries.

Partnership – Fairtrade certified producers work in partnership with Fairtrade International.  This means that the producers are involved with decisions about their future, which could result in a better income for the farmers, enabling them to plan for a better future.

See some of our great tasting Fairtrade coffee. These high quality coffees are carefully sourced and help to support small farms while protecting the environment.


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