K Cup Coffee Combinations: Creative Office Coffee

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K Cup Coffee Combinations: Creative Office Coffee

The K Cup UK Drinks Range

Keurig K Cups offer a supremely good quality and delicious range of coffees, teas and hot chocolate, all created with office use in mind. Simply pop a Keurig K-cup into your Keurig K150 and within 40 seconds you’ll have a barista style hot drink.

And all the UK’s favourite brands are available: Twining’s teas are best sellers along with Keurig Green Mountain’s own brands: Green Mountain coffee and Keurig Barista Prima.

I speak to our customers daily about their Keurig UK K-cup orders - and whilst everyone has their own favourites, many people ask me if there is something new they can try with their Keurig K150 to impress their clients or lighten up a Friday afternoon!

I have tried all sorts of things with my favourite Keurig K cup drinks - from mixing Keurig pods together, to adding toppings to create luxury drinks. I thought I’d share some of my favourite Keurig K Cup Recipes so you can do the same in your workplace! 

If you have a Keurig coffee pod machine in your office or workplace, why not try something new today?! And if you aren't yet lucky enough to have a Keurig K150 hot drinks machine, check out our fantastic deals here so you too can skip the queue at the local coffee shop!

Keurig K Cups With a small paper cup. Coffee Pods with a disposable cup

K-Cup Mix Up: 5 Ways to Turn Your Keurig Brewer into a Coffee Barista! 

Combining Keurig K-cups can give you a luxury barista style drink that you’d pay a fortune for in the local coffee shop. With a Keurig coffee and tea machine right there in your office or workplace, why not mix up your Keurig k-cups and try something different today?!

For these long and luxurious drinks, you’ll need to start with a large coffee cup. Our smart Office Barista disposable paper cups are perfect!  

K Cup Vanilla Mocha                                                   

For a bit of extra afternoon energy, make this sweet and invigorating coffee.

Keurig Swiss Miss K Cup Hot Chocolate

To make: Brew 180ml Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate followed by 120ml Green Mountain French Vanilla Coffee. Top with yummy chocolate sprinkles as desired.


K Cup Cafe Mocha                       

For a more classic mix up, go for a delicious coffee and chocolate combo.

Keurig Swiss Miss K Cups Hot Chocolate

To make: Brew 180ml Keurig Green Mountain Colombian Fair Trade Coffee, followed by Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate K Cup


Americano with an Extra Shot

Double brew a strong rich Keurig K-cup coffee using two pods to create a seriously strong coffee.

To make: Brew 180ml Keurig Starbucks Cafè Verona Coffee followed by another Keurig Starbucks Caffè Verona KCup, this time 120ml. Watch out for this one - it really is strong!

Keurig K-Cup Iced Frappe

Iced coffee is an expensive choice in the major coffee shops chains - plus you’ll find long queues waiting in turn for their small number of ice blenders - especially during the summer months. Why not make your own iced coffee with your Keurig Coffee brewer in the office.

To make: Brew a medium roast K-cup  on a small volume (120ml). Add sugar to sweeten whilst the coffee is still hot. Place in the fridge for thirty minutes, or all day long if you are organised! Once its chilled, pour the K-cup brewed coffee over ice. Add milk, cream  or flavoured syrups as desired.

Lemon Black Tea

Love your tea, but want something different? Try your Twinings tea black with honey and lemon for refreshing afternoon drink without a large caffeine content. During the hot summer, chill your tea in the fridge and then pour over ice.

To make: Brew 180 ml Twinings Breakfast Black Tea K Cup. Add a quick dash of cold water, a wedge of lemon and honey as required.


 Happy Keurig K-Cup Mixing!

Do let me know how you get on with your combinations, or if you have any special K Cup recommendations of you own. Please get in touch....we love hearing from our customers!

You can reach me anytime on paula@officebarista.co.uk or 02890 826 111

If you aren't yet lucky enough to have a Keurig K150 office coffee machine in your office or workplace, check out our fantastic deals here so you too can skip the queue at the coffee shop!

Paula Poots
Office Barista


* Dont forget your disposable cups at check out!