Are Keurig K Cups Still available In Ireland?

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Are Keurig K Cups Still available In Ireland?

There is a lot of misinformation and untruths out there about Keurig's current availability in the UK and we'd like to take some time to clear things up for consumers who may be concerned. We want to make sure people understand that, through Office Barista, Keurig is still absolutely available in the UK and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

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So What's Happened? 

Keurig coffee machines are North America's number one selling single serve coffee system and it was hoped that they would be able to replicate this phenomenal success in the UK market.

Keurig operated here in the UK for over three years. Unfortunately Keurig machines just never gained the same sort of popularity across the pond and Keurig made the hard decision to pull out of the UK. 

So where does that leave you, the customer?

Office Barista has managed to secure inventory directly from Keurig in North America so we will be able to continue bringing you your favourite Keurig drinks from brands such as Starbucks and Green Mountain.

We see absolutely no reason why this wont continue to be the case in the future so any rumours about our inability to supply our customers with Keurig coffee pods are untrue. In fact we have already had our first deliveries from the States. 

What If You Are Still Worried?

We understand that the web of doubt and concern about Keurig pods have been woven by some of our competitors so you should always feel free to give us a ring and talk it over with us if you have any questions at all so we can put your mind at ease. Talking about our favourite Keurig coffee cups and combinations is one of our favourite subjects after all and its always a pleasure when customers ring us up for a chat. 

As one of the UK's leading coffee suppliers we can help you choose the best coffee pod machine for your business including Keurig coffee makers so contact us now!

* We are an authorised Keurig UK distributor

** Dont forget your disposable cups at chcekout!


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