Choose the Best Flavia Drinks for your Office

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Choose the Best Flavia Drinks for your Office

Revealed! Our top 7 Flavia drinks - which haven't you tried yet?

Flavia offers 26 different drinks, and here at Office Barista, we offer the full range of Flavia freshpacks. Thanks to the freshpack technology, Flavia drinks sachets stay fresh for quite some time, allowing you to provide a good range of Flavia drinks without worrying that some of the more 'fringe' choices will go off. However, 26 is a lot to keep in stock at your office all the time - to help you select the perfect Flavia drinks range for your office, we’ve come up with our favourites….

Our Recommended Flavia Drinks for your Office 

To sooth and calm:


Galaxy Hot Chocolate - Sometimes throughout the working day you need to take 5 and de-stress -  you can’t go wrong with an indulgent hot chocolate. This Galaxy Hot Chocolate from Flavia is the perfect treat for your staff!


To re-invigorate:

Lemon Tea - The Bright Tea Co was created by tea enthusiasts at Mars.

This Lemon infusion is invigorating and refreshing, and is great for those who prefer their hot drinks caffeine free.

Alterra Coffee, Espresso Roast - For a little pick-me-up, try this full flavoured espresso roast from Alterra. Alterra Coffee Roasters' coffees are expertly sourced from some of the world’s most renowned coffee growing regions and then roasted with care to uncover the beans' best characteristics.

The luscious blend of dark roasted beans, will hit you in the face with a bold, intense and earthy flavour!


For chatting and interaction:

Yorkshire Tea - A ‘proper’ brew really brings people together. Encourage office chatter and bonding with this familiar favourite from Yorkshire Tea.

Not only is it a tea lover's favourite, but 100% of this tea comes from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms with a Rounded and full bodied taste. 


For impressing clients:

Smooth Roast Decaf - Everyone has their own taste in coffee, and offering a decaf option to your clients shows you really care about their coffee needs!

Flavia’s Alterra Smooth Roast Decaf provides a lightly roasted cup with a refreshing flavour - just without the caffeine.

Real Milk Froth - Combine any of the great tasting Alterra coffee blends with this unique Real Milk Froth and you have the perfect latte or cappuccino.

Stock up on supplies of  this neat essential, and you’ll always be able to offer your clients a barista style Cappuccino - right from your workplace. 


To get started with our Flavia C500 coffee and tea machine and hot drinks package, click here or if you already have a Flavia hot drinks machine and are inspired to try some new drinks, click here

Still not sure? Myself and my team of dedicated experts are here to help you choose the perfect Flavia hot drinks machine and Flavia drinks range for your office. Please email or call 1890 321 000 and we’ll walk you through it.

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