Flavia C500....An Alternative Coffee Vending Machine

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Flavia C500....An Alternative Coffee Vending Machine

Flavia Creation 500 Office Coffee and Tea Machine with Flavia Merchandiser & Flaviia Drinks


The Flavia C500 coffee and tea machine is extremely popular with our customers and has an excellent reputation as an office workhorse. If you are looking for a traditional hot drinks vending machine we think that the Flavia C500 has all the ease of a vending machine but with better quality and choice.

We are all familiar with large floor standing coffee vending machines and when you start to ponder hot drinks possibilities your thoughts may initially gravitate towards one of these, but your coffee cup deserves better than any old coffee. Most often we find that coffee vending machines just aren't the optimal choice for offices.

Traditional coffee vending machines often use instant milk and instant coffee which can result in a lower quality hot drink. Tastes in coffee have become a lot more sophisticated these days and you may find that most people won’t feel instant coffee is up to scratch.

So why do we think the Flavia C500 is a great alternative? First up is its unbeatable reliability.

Lavazza Professional put the Flavia coffee machines through rigorous testing. Its service life is extensively longer than almost any other table top coffee machine.

We have customers with Flavia machines that are well over ten years old and are still churning out perfect cups daily. If well maintained, you can expect your Flavia C500 to have an extremely long life of coffee and tea brewing.

The Flavia C500 is also quite the looker with its stylish finish and attractive, user friendly touchscreen. Floor standing vending machines just aren’t known for being pleasing to the eye and probably wouldn’t suit your carefully chosen décor.

The Flavia C500 is very easily kept clean with just a wipe so you won't have to worry about a grimy smudgy machine. The freshpack system means there are no grounds to measure or messy filters to deal with, so it will be easy to keep your drinks station clean.

Vending machines do tend to be quite large and take up a lot of space so may be completely impractical for your office especially if its small but the Flavia C500 has a compact footprint. The Flavia vending machine is small enough to fit anywhere and if you are choosing the jug fill option you won’t be tied to needing plumbing nearby which can be handy when space is at a premium.

The Flavia C500 is a relatively quiet machine where vending machines can be quite noisy affairs. Offices have plenty of distractions without adding one more.

A vending machine also requires frequent filling of tea, coffee amongst other things and you may be short on time. This will often lead to any empty machine and short tempers.

We can alleviate any storage space concerns with one of the beautiful Flavia base cabinets. They boast plenty of room underneath to store paper cups, ancillaries and surplus Flavia drinks and includes an internal bin with plenty of room up top for supplies and a merchandiser.

The impressive variety on offer is where the Flavia C500 really shines. Enjoy single origin coffee from Lavazza Coffee  and a host of tea including herbals from the Bright tea Company.

Need to be indulged? Flavia has that covered to with delicious Cadbury's Hot Chocolate and the ability to make lattes, cappuccinos and mochas when a Real Milk Froth Freshpack sachet is added.

If you add a paypod to the Flavia C500, coins can be used to make the office coffee machine profitable and paypods with card readers are also now available to cater to the pockets that don't jingle. Flavia drinks are incredible value with fresh pack sachet prices starting at only 20p so you can choose to just cover costs or make a healthy profit with your Flavia vending machine.

Worried about costs? We have great leasing & hiring options for Flavia coffee  machines.

We can also supply all the paper cups and ancillaries such as sugar and milk, so you can add as little or as much you like yourself instead of hoping a machine contains the right amount for you. Office Barista paper cups are stylish and a great alternative to crockery.

We can offer great advice on which hot drinks vending machine would suit your business best so contact us now!

 *Flavia machines are a great alternative when looking to replace your Kenco Singles Machine

 ** Don't forget to order your paper cups & lids at checkout!

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